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Project overview

Manly Wharf 3 is an iconic and locally significant place.

People and vessels have been part of Manly accessing the Cove by sea for centuries and continue to do so.

The proposed Manly Wharf 3 upgrade

Key features

The upgrade of Manly Wharf 3 will be delivered under the Ferry Wharf Upgrade Program (FWUP), which forms part of the Transport Access Program. In October 2020 the Local Member for Manly announced $25 million in funding towards the planning and construction budget for the upgrade of Wharf 3.

Key features of the proposed upgrade include:

  • a widened public promenade that allows easy access from the Manly Wharf 1 and 2 building to the proposed new wharf
  • a covered customer waiting area with seating
  • a hydraulically controlled vessel boarding platform to allow accessible boarding for all customers
  • a gangway connecting the main waiting area to the hydraulic platform
  • vessel navigation and safety piles.

The new design will provide improved customer amenities, and improved accessibility for all customers using the wharf including those with assisted and unassisted mobility needs.

Changes to the design

Following community and stakeholder feedback an area to accommodate a future Wharf 4 structure has been included in the design to allow for safe drop-off and pick-up for small commercial vessels (e.g., water taxis) and recreational vessels at a range of tidal levels, which can be delivered as part of a staged delivery approach for the project.

We have also made the following changes to the design to minimise visual impact:

  • removal of the proposed shade coverings along the proposed public promenade between the Manly Wharf 1 and 2 building and the proposed new wharf
  • removal of the roof from the gangway of Wharf 3.

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Project information


Transport for NSW is exploring options to improve the accessibility of Manly Wharf 3, as part of the NSW Government’s Transport Access Program so all customers, including customers with assisted and unassisted mobility needs, can safely use the wharf.

The existing structure at Manly Wharf 3 is a simple wooden jetty with tidal steps.

Customers with mobility needs are currently unable to access ferry or other commercial services from Wharf 3 without assistance. Manly Wharf 3 is also used as an alternative wharf for ferry services when Wharves 1 and 2 are undergoing regular maintenance activities.

What is the history of Manly Wharf 3?

The existing wharf known as Manly Wharf 3, is a wooden jetty and pile structure with tidal steps. The wharf originally started life as a cargo wharf in the 1850s, and was then changed to a “fun pier” in 1931, which included a Ferris wheel and carousel. In 1989 it became a ferry wharf, primarily used by private operators who provide public ferry transport services on behalf of Transport.

Wharf 3 is currently used as an alternative wharf for ferry services when wharves 1 and 2 are undergoing maintenance activities.

The upgraded Manly Wharf 3

The upgraded wharf will be designed to:

  • provide accessibility for all customers using the wharf
  • improve customer amenities and waiting areas
  • improve services for customers, operators of commercial vessels and recreational vessels
  • be functional with a respectful design theme that considers the heritage and history of Manly Cove.

Benefits of the Manly Wharf 3 Upgrade

  • Improved acces for mobility impaired customers and customers with prams.
  • Improved customer amenity such as protection from the wind, rain and sun, seating and waiting areas.
  • Improved safety for customers and staff.
  • Quicker and more efficient boarding and disembarking.
  • Improved pedestrian access around the wharf.
  • More efficient interchange with other modes of public and private transport.
  • Consideration of Manly place making opportunities.
Construction of Manly Wharf 


We are committed to minimising impacts and disruption to customers, businesses, and the community during the proposed works.

More information and the opportunity to provide feedback on the construction of the proposed upgrade will be provided as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment consultation process.

Construction of the Manly Wharf 3 is expected to start in 2023 which would take up to eight months to complete based on previous wharf upgrades.

Next steps

We will consider all feedback received during the public display of the Review of the Environmental Factors for Manly Wharf 3 and prepare a submissions report. This report will be made available on our website and emailed to subscribers.

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