Moss Vale Road repair work


Project overview

Transport for NSW is working to repair damage on Moss Vale Road caused by severe weather events during 2022 and make the road more resilient to future natural disaster events.

Transport is prioritising the repair work as part of the recovery response across the state’s road network following the severe weather events of last year.

Latest news

Dec 2023 – Vegetation clearing and investigations at landslip sites

Transport for NSW will be carrying out geotechnical investigations to help with planning future repairs at landslip damage sites and removing vegetation to prepare for work on Moss Vale Road.

Vegetation clearing work will be carried out near the eastbound Barrengarry Rest Area on Sunday 10 December from 4pm to 6pm and then between 6pm and 5am within the section of road restricted to single lane operations on Cambewarra Mountain.

Drilling machines will be used during the daytime (7am to 5pm) for geotechnical investigations at several sites at Barrengarry Mountain from Monday 11 December to Friday 15 December, weather permitting.

The road will be reduced to single lane operations at each site during work hours and a reduced speed limit of 40 km/h will be in place for the safety of workers and motorists. 

More details are included in this community notification. (PDF, 321.44 KB)


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Project information


Record-breaking rainfall during 2022 caused widespread damage to sections of Moss Vale Road.

Rain gauges at Beaumont measured double the average annual rainfall in 2022, making it the wettest year on record. Both March and July last year saw particularly heavy rain, receiving four and six times the average rainfall totals respectively.

As a direct result of this rainfall, Transport for NSW added a total of 50 sites to its natural disaster recovery project register.

Since these natural disasters struck, Transport has made significant progress:

  • Completed repairs at 24 sites. 
  • Carried out additional maintenance to clear landslip material from the road and stormwater drains. 
  • Performed detailed investigations to assist with planning and designing repairs on more complex sites.

Our geotechnical team continue to monitor all active sites until repairs are completed.


Many of the landslip sites require complex repairs. 

Transport will engage specialist contractors to complete repairs that, depending on each site, could include:

  • removing loose rocks, soil and trees
  • stabilising and adding strength to the damaged slope
  • upgrading stormwater drains
  • repairing road surfaces and replacing guardrails.

Some factors are out of our control and can cause delays to our progress:

  • Weather - heavy rain and storms could make working conditions unsafe.
  • Workload – the statewide increase in demand for qualified contractors, equipment and resources could mean longer timeframes for repairs.
  • Worksite – the steep site and narrow site could create some unexpected challenges.

Next Steps

Transport follows a thorough process before starting natural disaster recovery repairs. This process includes:

  • geotechical, biodiversity and heritage surveys
  • design planning
  • environmental assessment
  • final design
  • procurement.


Transport for NSW added a total of 50 sites on Moss Vale Road to its natural disaster recovery project register.

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Community notifications

Media releases

  • 29 May 2023
    Repair work progressing on Cambewarra Mountain

  • 5 May 2023
    Work starts on permanent repairs to Cambewarra Mountain.

  • 7 April 2022
    Work continues to ensure safe access to Kangaroo Valley.

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