New Richmond Bridge and traffic improvements - Stage 1


Project overview

The Australian Government and NSW Government have committed $500 million for traffic improvements including a new bridge over the Hawkesbury River between Richmond and North Richmond. The Australian Government funding of $400 million is being provided via the Infrastructure Investment Program.

We are upgrading about 3.8 kilometres of The Driftway between Londonderry Road and Blacktown Road to improve safety, flood resilience and cater for future traffic growth.

Latest news

January 2024 - Continuing early work for The Driftway upgrade until Friday 1 March 2024

Continuing early work for The Driftway upgrade until Friday 1 March 2024

Download the January 2024 notification (PDF, 1.2 MB) for further information.

December 2023 - Night work on The Driftway – Tues 12 and Wed 13 December

Night work will be carried out on Tuesday, 12 December 2023 and Wednesday, 13 December 2023 to connect new water mains.

Download the December 2023 notification (PDF, 296.38 KB) for further information.

October 2023 - Continuing early work for The Driftway upgrade until Wednesday 31 January 2024

Our early work will continue and is expected to be complete by late January 2024
Download the October 2023 notification (PDF, 315.43 KB) for further information.

Sep 2023 – Tree removal for The Driftway upgrade

We will carry out this tree removal work from Wednesday 20 to Friday 29 September.

Work will occur from Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm and Saturdays between 8am and 1pm.

View or download the September 2023 notification (PDF, 242.31 KB) for further information.

June 2023 - Investigation work and continuing early work

From Monday 10 July 2023, Transport for NSW will start the investigation work in the road corridor. The Sydney Water main relocation early work will recommence from Monday 31 July 2023 and is expected to be complete by late October 2023.

View or download the June 2023 notification (PDF, 366.1 KB) for further information.

Apr 2023  - Work commencing on Stage 1

From Wednesday, 26 April 2023, Transport for NSW will start Stage 1 early work. Transport have engaged Quickway Water Pty Ltd to carry out the relocation of Sydney Water main along The Driftway.

The early work will include construction and relocation of Sydney Water watermains at various locations along The Driftway between Blacktown Road and Londonderry Road. Trenching and installing, backfilling, and compacting, reconnecting, and commissioning all new watermains, clearing and grubbing where necessary and restoration works.

View or download the April 2023 project notification (PDF, 621.74 KB) for further information.

Project information


Transport for NSW will upgrade about 3.8 kilometres of The Driftway between Londonderry Road and Blacktown Road. The project is located in the suburbs of Richmond, Londonderry and South Windsor, NSW. 

Key features of the project would include:

  • Upgrade of the intersection of Londonderry Road / The Driftway to a roundabout
  • Upgrade of The Driftway intersections with Luxford Road and Reynolds Road to channelised T-junctions
  • Realignment of The Driftway at its eastern extent to create a four-leg roundabout with Blacktown Road and Racecourse Road
  • A new bridge over a tributary of Rickabys Creek
  • A new retaining wall along the north western corner of Racecourse Road and Blacktown Road
  • Pavement improvements to 3.8 kilometres of The Driftway, including widening both shoulders to 1.5 metres
  • Modifications to driveways and property adjustment works
  • Removal of the redundant section of The Driftway and its intersection with Blacktown Road. Reshaping of this area for flood storage capacity
  • Drainage improvements along The Driftway 
  • Relocation and/or adjustments to public utilities and street lighting
  • Ancillary work including safety barriers, signage, line marking and environmental protection work
  • Landscaping and rehabilitation work
  • Temporary ancillary construction facility and laydown areas.

Next steps

The New Richmond Bridge and traffic improvements project has been divided into two stages to deliver early safety benefits to the community. Stage 1 includes upgrades to The Driftway between Londonderry Road and Blacktown Road. The remaining road section of the project will be delivered in New Richmond Bridge and traffic improvements Stage 2.

We have awarded the contract to start early work including utility relocations in 2023 in preparation for construction.

We are also progressing with the detailed design for Stage 1.

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