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Project overview

Southern Link Road is a proposed new eastwest corridor that would provide an additional link between Mamre Road, Kemps Creek and Wallgrove Road, Horsley Park.

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Online community information session

Transport held an online community information session on Thursday 1 September 2022 via Microsoft Teams to present information on the project and to answer questions from the community and stakeholders about the preferred option that were posted during the session.

Thank you to those who attended the session that ran for nearly 40 minutes. Watch a recording of the session below.

Latest news


DEC 2022Community update

Transport is reviewing all of the comments received from consultation on the preferred alignment and we are carrying out some further technical review work on the section east of the Burley Road corridor from Old Wallgrove Road to Wallgrove Road (Stage 2), which was the focus of concern for many comments received.

At the same time, the section from Mamre Road to Old Wallgrove Road (Stage 1), will progress with investigations as part of the Environmental Assessment.

View the December 2022 community update (PDF, 6.92Mb).

We will release a consultation report which will include a summary of the
key issues and Transport’s response to feedback received on the preferred alignment. We expect the consultation report will be available to the community and stakeholders in the second half of 2023.

We will continue to liaise directly with affected property owners and keep them updated on the project.

Project background

Southern Link Road is a proposed new east-west corridor that would provide an additional link between Mamre Road, Kemps Creek and Wallgrove Road, Horsley Park.

Southern Link Road is expected to be around 7.5 kilometres long and provides access to the future industrial development that would create employment and economic growth in the surrounding Western Sydney area.

In 2014, the Department of Planning & Environment (DPE) published the Southern Link Road Network Options and Refinement report. Since then, the future land-use proposals for the surrounding area have evolved through the Mamre Road Precinct rezoning package. As a result, Transport for NSW has continued to investigate the best alignment for this important future connection.

Considered options

Transport is continuing to plan this corridor between Mamre Road and Wallgrove Road to achieve the best possible outcome that considers future development and transport needs in the area.

As a result of our continuing investigation and planning, we are proposing to change the route alignment at the eastern end of the corridor, around the area near Reedy Creek:

2014 Alignment

  • Moved to the north, following the Reedy Creek corridor, towards the Water NSW pipeline
  • Crossed through vacant land and connected to Wallgrove Road and the M7 Motorway near the pipeline
  • Although having the road through open land will be beneficial, this alignment would clash with the confirmed Western Sydney Freight Line Corridor and need to avoid existing transmission lines.

2022 Preferred Alignment

  • Will continue directly east along the Burley Road corridor, to create a future connection with Chandos Road at Wallgrove Road
  • Will provide better future transport access and help support future development in the area.
  • 7.5km of dual carriageway with a wide median (two lanes in each direction)
  • 80km/h speed limit
  • new bridges over Ropes Creek and Reedy Creek
  • provision for pedestrian and cyclist paths
  • seven new intersections and two intersection upgrades with traffic lights.

We are seeking your feedback to assist us with planning this corridor to achieve the best possible outcome that considers future development and transport needs in the area.

We welcome your feedback by 16 September 2022. Please send your comments and questions through by post, email or phone. For more information please see the August 2022 Community update (PDF, 12.8Mb)

At the end of the consultation period we will summarise comments or questions received and publish our responses in a Community Consultation Report. The report will be available on the project website. If you submit feedback and provided your email address, you will receive a notification of the report's availability.

We will continue to keep community members and other stakeholders informed as the project progresses.

Project documents

Community updates

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 December 2022 community update

Preferred alignment consultation: Southern Link Road corridor

 August 2022 community update

A future east-west link between Mamre Road and Wallgrove Road.



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 August 2022 options report

Southern Link Road corridor.

 Appendix A

Traffic Modelling and Assessment.

 Appendix B

Preliminary environmental investigation.



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