Sydney Harbour Bridge precinct


Project overview

Transport for NSW has a coordinated approach to the continuous improvement and maintenance of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Project information


In all the work required to look after, improve and adapt the Sydney Harbour Bridge to the needs of a modern city, Transport for NSW is committed to preserving the beauty and character of the structure and its setting.

Urban design, traffic, pedestrian, public transport, safety and maintenance projects all work together to support an average of 204 trains, 160,435 vehicles and 1,900 bikes per day (based on September 2010 traffic count figures).

Transport for NSW continues to update customers on work being carried out on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Conservation Management Plan

The Conservation Management Plan Volume 1 (PDF, 58.3 MB) and Volume 2 (PDF, 124.22 MB) for the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been prepared to provide a framework for its ongoing care and management. This includes decisions about conservation, use and development.

Precinct map