Victoria Road – bus lane through Rozelle

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The NSW Government has a long-term vision to revitalise Victoria Road. In the interim, prioritising public transport within the existing road space is the vital first step towards encouraging people onto public transport and easing congestion on our roads.   

Transport for NSW has taken key steps to improve bus priority along Victoria Road through Rozelle with the introduction of a citybound offset bus lane and outbound kerbside  bus lane. These bus priority measures are consistent with the future vision for the Victoria Road corridor.


The improvements help make bus services more reliable and efficient to encourage more people to use public transport and support the frequent bus services that run along Victoria Road. 

Offset bus lanes improve bus reliability and efficiency by easing interference caused by buses stopping at bus zones and vehicles turning left along the route. 

Buses, taxis, hire cars, bicycles, emergency vehicles and motorcycles are permitted to travel in a bus lane. Vehicles are permitted to enter a bus lane if they are within 100 metres of undertaking a turn.


Citybound Offset bus lane

The new offset bus lane on Victoria Road citybound is operational 24 hours a day between Terry Street and Robert Street in Rozelle. It replaces the existing kerbside bus lane between these streets. South of Robert Street, this bus lane joins an existing kerbside bus lane, leading onto the Anzac Bridge.

Outbound kerbside bus lane

There is a new outbound kerbside bus lane on Victoria Road between Quirk Street and Clubb Street. The new outbound bus lane is operational 6am-10am and 3pm-7pm Monday to Friday. 

How to use the offset bus lanes

General traffic is not permitted to continuously travel in the citybound offset bus lane which operates 24 hours a day, Exceptions include taxis, hire cars, bicycles, emergency vehicles, motorcycles, and buses.

Local traffic emerging from the kerbside lane or a side street can however remain in a bus lane for up to 100 metres to merge into the adjacent general travel lanes.

Traffic can go into and out of a bus lane for up to 100 metres to change lanes as well as access the kerbside lane, including when needing to access local businesses, driveways and turn into side streets.

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