Woolooware Bay Aquaculture Precinct


Project overview

The NSW Government is delivering major improvements to maritime infrastructure to support the aquaculture industry at Woolooware Bay.

Latest news

October 2022 - Latest project update in Woolooware Bay

The Review of Environmental Factors (REF) document is now available for viewing.

Please click here (PDF, 114.59 MB) or refer to the Project Documents section to learn more.

Preliminary design works and communication activities are underway. Transport for NSW will be conducting site investigations, design development, environmental impact assessments and stakeholder consultation.

Project information

Project background

Transport for NSW and the Department of Primary Industries (DPI Fisheries) aims to continue to support the aquaculture industry at Woolooware Bay. Oyster faming has operated from the site for several decades and the Georges River is the birthplace of oyster farming in Australia. The New South Wales oyster aquaculture industry is the state’s most valuable fishery and accounts for most of the state’s aquaculture production.

Transport for NSW is planning to demolish and replace the existing overwater structures at Captain Cook Drive, Woolooware Bay. The aging structures are no longer fit-for-purpose and must be upgraded to meet modern operational and safety standards. The modernisation of site structures, including elevated and over-water walkways will also provide for improved access arrangements across the site and support the continued operations of the aquaculture industry in southern Sydney.

The proposed aquaculture precinct includes three new over-water buildings and potential for a further four land-based buildings (STCA) linked by walkways, pontoons and shoreside infrastructure and accommodate up to eight tenants, providing a significant improvement to the capability of the aquaculture industry in southern Sydney.

The proposal would be constructed over a duration of approximately twelve (12) months starting early 2023.

The Woolooware Bay Aquaculture Precinct Project and DPI Fisheries aim to provide employment and economic growth in regional areas and support the future food security needs of the state. Research programs are currently underway, jointly funded by industry and government, to focus on improved cultivation techniques, stock genetics, habitat improvement and protection and better disease control. These programs are essential in ensuring the continued viability of Australia's oldest, and New South Wales' most valuable aquaculture industry.

Project location

The Aquaculture Precinct is located on Captain Cook Drive, Woolooware Bay.

Project benefits

  • Improved working conditions for aquaculture precinct staff
  • New high-quality modern infrastructure and facilities
  • Supporting the aquaculture industry in Woolooware Bay
  • Protecting the values of the Towra Point Aquatic Reserve
  • Compliance with the Transport for NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2018-2022

Remediation work

Transport previously identified land contamination issues on both lots at the Woolooware Bay site. We found creosote and other chemicals that were historically used by previous tenants to protect oyster racks from timber borers. These chemicals were not being used by the current tenants.

We have completed work to remediate the site including removal of up to 300mm of contaminated topsoil and cleaning the sand below the mean high watermark. New topsoil was laid over the sand and the area remediated.

Remediation of the land was completed in June 2021 to provide a foundation for improvement and modernisation of the overwater and land infrastructure for oyster farmers in Woolooware Bay.

Project documents

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For more information contact the Woolooware Bay Aquaculture Precinct project team:

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Mail: Woolooware Bay Aquaculture Precinct, Engagement & Education, NSW Maritime, 33 James Craig Road, Rozelle NSW 2039

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