Maritime Infrastructure Delivery Office (MIDO)


Project overview

The Maritime Infrastructure Delivery Office (MIDO) is responsible for the development and delivery of maritime infrastructure across NSW that supports recreational boating, fishing, tourism, and a range of other recreational and commercial activities. It provides a single point of contact and centre of expertise for customers, industry, and local government.

About MIDO

MIDO is responsible for:

Maritime infrastructure plan

The NSW Maritime Infrastructure Plan sets out a strategic and coordinated approach to prioritising and delivering maritime infrastructure in NSW.

This approach is built on coordination of funding and investment from the state and local governments and the private sector. The aim is to maximise the benefits of investment in maritime infrastructure for recreational and commercial boaters, including the commercial fishing, aquaculture and tourism sectors, and provide certainty to industry. It will see priorities for maritime infrastructure aligned with broader economic, social and environmental outcomes for the state.

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