Fixing Country Rail


Project overview

Fixing Country Rail is a $400 million NSW Government program providing targeted infrastructure funding from Restart NSW for regional freight projects.

Fixing Country Rail improves capacity, access, efficiency and reliability by upgrading parts of the regional rail network.

Regional NSW produced an estimated 255 million tonnes of freight in 2016, and this is expected to increase by 12 per cent to 286 million tonnes by 2036.

Economic growth in rural areas is critical to NSW to ensure the food, produce and raw materials that feed and power the state are able to move to market efficiently.

Fixing Country Rail supports jobs, growth and economic productivity of regional NSW by reducing the cost of getting goods to market. As costs come down consumers benefit at the till of their local supermarket and exporters become more competitive.

Projects funded under Fixing Country Rail include sidings, passing loops and network upgrades, allowing the use of high productivity trains.

Fixing Country Rail aligns with and complements Fixing Country Roads by improving regional freight connectivity and reducing the cost to market for regional businesses.

Fixing Country Rail 2020

The process for Fixing Country Rail changed in 2019.

Fixing Country Rail  is a strategic rail program, with decisions on projects informed by the ‘Regional Rail Corridor Strategy’, the ‘NSW Freight and Ports Plan 2018-2023’ and other key rail network strategies developed by Transport for NSW.

Information on the program is available in the program framework (PDF, 782.07 KB).The new process is that a list of projects was developed from the relevant strategies. A Prioritisation Panel will be convened to review and prioritise the list of projects. Top priority projects up to the funding amount for the year will be submitted to Infrastructure NSW and then to the NSW Government for initial Business Case funding and then if the outcome is that the project is economically viable, they will then be submitted for design and planning or delivery funding.

Although no longer a submission based program, Transport for NSW during normal consultation with industry stakeholders can identify new projects for consideration. Industry stakeholders can also email with ideas for consideration against the framework strategies.

If you have a question regarding the program please contact