Fixing Country Rail


Project overview

The Fixing Country Rail Program funds rail infrastructure enhancement projects that improve connectivity constraints affecting regional freight rail services. Projects funded through Fixing Country Rail allow for more modern, longer and heavier trains to use the network, that improves efficiency and reduces costs for freight producers and operators.

As a strategic program, Fixing Country Rail also funds project business cases and feasibility studies to determine the future viability and strategic alignment of projects.

Program objectives

The NSW Government’s Fixing Country Rail Program has provided targeted infrastructure funding from Restart NSW for regional rail freight projects.

The program aims to help improve capacity, access, efficiency and reliability by developing and delivering upgrades to parts of the regional rail network.

Fixing Country Rail aligns with and complements Fixing Country Roads to improve regional freight connectivity and reduce the costs of getting goods to market.

Program outcomes

The efficient movement of food, produce and raw materials that feed and power the state contributes to economic growth in rural areas.

Fixing Country Rail is about:

  • moving freight more efficiently around NSW  
  • increasing capacity, access and reliability of the rail network  
  • reducing the cost of getting goods to market   
  • supporting jobs, growth and economic productivity and
  • supporting a freight modal shift from road to rail.   

As a strategic rail Program, funded projects are informed by  key rail network strategies developed by Transport for NSW.

How has funding been used?

Projects funded under Fixing Country Rail have included:

  • building sidings, which are stretches of railroad track that allow freight trains to load and unload goods, while enabling trains on the same line to pass  
  • building and upgrading passing loops that allow the use of high productivity trains and enable trains to overtake and pass each other on the line
  • upgrading the network so that trains can carry larger loads
  • business cases and feasibility studies to determine the feasibility of delivering rail freight projects in the future.

Successful projects 

Refer to this project list (PDF, 110.73 KB), which was last updated in January 2024.

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