Point to point transport reforms 2021

The NSW Government will introduce a package of reforms to help the point to point transport industry provide more choice and availability of services for customers.

The reforms are in response to an independent review of the industry led by Sue Baker-Finch.

The reforms, which will be introduced in stages, include:

  • removing the limit on the number of taxi licences that are available
  • changing restrictions on areas where taxis can operate
  • removing the maximum fare limit for most rank and hail trips except at Sydney airport or for customers with a disability who are eligible for the Taxi Transport Subsidy Scheme
  • a provider neutral approach to subsidies and incentives to make more point to point transport services available for customers with a disability

The NSW Government will be consulting with taxi licence owners affected by the reforms to set up an appropriate industry assistance scheme before any changes are made to taxi licensing or maximum rank and hail fares.

A Bill will be brought to Parliament to enable the industry assistance scheme to be established and for changes to be made to taxi licensing and maximum rank and hail fares.

There will be a strong focus on maintaining service provision for customers while the industry adjusts, especially in regional communities who rely on point to point transport to access essential services

Further information can be found below.

These reforms build on government reform of the point to point transport industry since 2015.

Transport for NSW will update this information and will inform customers and stakeholders in advance of the changes. Any questions may be emailed to pointtopoint@transport.nsw.gov.au

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