Road rules

All road users should know the road rules to keep themselves and others safe.

The NSW Road Rules 2014 lists more than 300 separate rules on the NSW Government legislation website.

Road User Handbook

The Road User Handbook covers the main rules you need to know to drive legally and safely. It is available in multiple languages.

There are also handbooks for motorcycle riders, bicycle riders and heavy vehicle drivers.


Misunderstood road rules

Our road rule animations help clarify some common misunderstandings about road rules.

They give simple answers to many road rule questions, including how to use roundabouts, when you can and can't use high-beam and fog lights, and when you're allowed to make a U-turn.

Our Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW (PDF, 633.66 KB) outlines the road rules most commonly misunderstood by road users.

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