Move TV - Episode 4

Episode 4 MOVE IT

Behind every delivery of anything to anyone, is a hidden world of logistics. Over time, systems have evolved and today we are at the precipice of AI – could this help transform delivery without harm to the planet? Can we upskill our truckies into techie truckies? What about drone delivery? Welcome to the wonderful world of warehouse robotics, driverless trucks, and endless flow of fast moving consumer goods. This episode Host Stephanie Bendixsen talks to some of the best systems designers who are already two steps ahead: Managing Director of Premonition AI, Brad Lorge and Eva Ross, CMO of super delivery service Sendle. Our resident Reporter Sara Isakka makes a special visit to global entrepreneur CEO of ShowPo, Jane Lu, to ask how she handles shipping her products to over 100 countries, and learns about upcoming innovations such as the world’s first Automated Port, at Patrick Stevedore, revolutionizing imports and exports for the benefit of customers of the future.

Automation Technology at Port Botany case study


Partnering for state infrastructure

NSW Future Mobility Prospectus


NSW Future Mobility Prospectus


Brad Lorge, Managing Director, Premonition AI

Brad is an entrepreneur, computer scientist and advocate for socially driven business, and was announced as the “Hills Young Innovator of the Year” for 2015. Brad founded Foodbank Local — a technology platform which utilises real-time constraints optimisation to improve logistics in the foodbanking sector. Brad is currently working with his co-founders on Premonition, which combines a new approach to real-time optimisation of logistics fleets with predictive big data technology — a first for the logistics industry.

Eva Ross, Chief Marketing Officer, Sendle

Eva recently joined Sendle which provides door-to-door parcel delivery for less than it costs to line up at the post office. It’s cheaper, more convenient, keeps the customer in control, is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and is a certified B Corporation. Prior to this, Eva spent the six years at Airbnb, most recently as its Asia-Pacific marketing operations and strategy chief. She’s also held roles in project management, digital marketing, and business operations in A/NZ and regionally and offers a wealth of experience in business and creative, as well as helping startups navigate rapid growth and scale.