Move TV - Episode 3: Move The Car!

The Car is King. We all love the car, but in 5 years time, driving to work alone with 4 empty seats next to you, maybe the new smoking, as we see the effects of too many cars on the road, road rage, and too many accidents. What will it mean to replace cars on the road? What will we replace them with? What will this do to the economy ? Who will make them? What will this mean for Top Gear? Will my car still be cool? We’re zeroing in on everything autonomous vehicles in all shapes and sizes, and the new rules of the road. How are they going to interact with us and our “dumb cars” ? Host Stephanie Bendixsen joins the creator of the 72 hour Autonomous Vehicle Challenge and CEO of Teleporter Ben Sand, and Executive Director of Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI), Rita Excell to answer all the AV questions you wanted answered. Meanwhile our resident reporter, Josh Phillips jumps aboard a “Smart Bus” already ready rolling its driverless way through the grounds of Sydney Olympic Park everyday, courtesy of HMI Technologies and partners.

CAV Trials case study


Collaborative trials and testing of CAV technology

NSW Future Mobility Prospectus


NSW Future Mobility Prospectus


Ben Sand,CEO, The Teleporter,Creator of 72 Hour Self Driving Car Challenge

Currently Ben is working on his new virtual reality startup - “The Teleporter”. Better than being there, The Teleporter provides the most powerful way to connect with people at a distance. In early 2018, Ben ran a 72 hour self driving car challenge for teams from around the world. Ben graduated Y Combinator in Summer 2013 and is currently an advisor for Y Combinator Startup School. As co-founder and co-CEO of Meta, Ben helped build a holographic computer, raise $23M Series A, prepare for a $50M Series B, hire 70 great people and crowd fund $2M of pre-sales. As co-founder and CEO of Brainworth, Ben assembled a team of 60 volunteers to build a novel education platform to teach artificial intelligence programming to children.

Rita Excell, Executive Director, Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI) Centre of Excellence

Rita is responsible for delivering ADVI’s contribution to the safe and successful introduction of driverless vehicle technologies into Australia. Her prior roles include Regional Manager of Australian Road Research Board’s South Australian office. Rita managed key strategic policy projects for State Road Authorities and organisations that manage public and private road infrastructure.