Move TV - Episode 5


What are the new modes of moving? Electric scooters, flying taxis, next generation hoverboard? What happens when we look up to the skies, what frameworks need to be in place to support the future Wright brothers in the development of flying cars for example? How do we educate people to shift to new modes of transport ? Can we cope with the pace of change vs reality ? Australia may be poised to be the best place to play. Host Stephanie Bendixsen joins Uber GM Susan Anderson and Deon Liebenberg, Vice President of Product Innovation & Strategy, Optus to examine what happens when you move up, and realistically look at implementing a new form of transport into a nation ready (or not) for change. Our resident reporter Josh Phillips heads out on an adventure to build the quintessential Aussie flying car: a flying ute, with the help of friends from Alauda, who are building the world’s first flying racing car, and the team from the “Smart Ute” project.

CAV Network Readiness case study


Planning for the safe testing and introduction of automated driving technologies

NSW Future Mobility Prospectus


NSW Future Mobility Prospectus


Susan Anderson, General Manager (Australia & New Zealand) Uber

Susan joined Uber in October 2016 as as the general manager of Uber Eats Queensland, before being promoted to GM of Uber Eats across Australia and New Zealand and finally taking over from David Rorsheim in earlier this year. Starting her career in financial services, Susan worked at Bain, a strategy consultancy, before entering the tech industry with Amazon. She worked in a number of roles at Amazon that focused on everyday consumables for customers. She ran the Subscribe & Save marketing program and took on the Category Leader role for the baby business. Uber Australia posted a $4.4m profit in calendar year 2017, where its parent global company crashed to a $6bn loss.

Deon Liebenberg, Vice President of Product Innovation & Strategy, Optus

A senior executive specialising in the creation and development of new and fast growth businesses in large organisations. Deon has more than 20 years of experience in the communications industry, earned working at some of Africa's leading Operators and Service Providers as well as at multinational and telecom vendors. During his career, he has held a number of Executive and Leadership positions at organisations such as Telkom SA, Grintek Telecom, Motorola (Pty) Ltd., Blackberry, Samsung and Vodafone.