Levels of collaboration

Our Problem Statements reflect four levels of possible collaboration between Transport and tertiary institutions, private industry, and other government agencies.

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Quick-Fire Research

These Problem Statements are designed as prompts for intense bursts of research activity (e.g., under 8 weeks), often focused on data sets. These research projects are intended to make use of “hackathon” type environments, where students and/or researchers work collaboratively and intensely on particular problems involving data interrogation and visualisation.

Undergraduate Final-Year Research (e.g., Capstone)

These Problems Statements are suitable for final-year undergraduate students (e.g., Capstone and Honours students) as part of the research requirements for their undergraduate degree (i.e., 1-2 semesters).

Postgraduate Research

These Problems Statements may form whole or part of a post-graduate research degree (i.e., Masters, PhD), and contribute to new knowledge in the relevant subject matter area (i.e., 1-3 years).

Major Collaborations & Funded Research

These Problem Statements may form the basis for a significant collaboration agreement between TfNSW and the relevant research institution, including major competitive grant funding (e.g., Australian Research Council funding with TfNSW as an industry partner).