Privately operated motorways

An important part of the Road Network is Sydney’s 160 kilometres of privately operated tolled motorways fully integrated with the state road network

Transport facilitates end to end management of the NSW motorways network by overseeing the development, delivery and operations of motorways with private sector partners.

Transport grants a concession to a motorway company to finance, design & construct and operate & maintain a motorway through the period of the concession and then transfer the assets to Transport at the end of the concession. The motorway company recovers it substantial investment through the tolls charged for travel on the motorway.

The Motorway Partnerships team oversees the operations phase of the motorway concessions, ensuring the safety and availability of these motorways, in partnership with the concessionaires.

Motorways under concession include

  • Hills M2 Motorway
  • Westlink M7 Motorway
  • Lane Cove Tunnel and Military Rd E-Ramps
  • Cross City Tunnel
  • Eastern Distributor
  • M5 South West Motorway
  • Northconnex
  • Westconnex M4
  • Westconnex New M5 (M8 & M5 East)
  • Westconnex M4-M5 Link


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