Circular Quay Precinct Renewal


Project overview

The NSW Government has announced the Circular Quay ferry wharves would be upgraded to ensure they were accessible to all customers and to meet future demand for ferry services. The wharf upgrade is the catalyst for the Government to explore opportunities for a renewal of the broader Circular Quay precinct in partnership with the private sector.

Circular Quay’s transport infrastructure and public domain does not fulfil the potential of its globally-recognised location and cannot meet the forecast growth in customers and visitors.

Key benefits

  • An opportunity to create a revitalised, vibrant, waterfront destination matching Sydney’s role as Australia’s premier global city.
  • A more exciting customer and visitor experience, with new dining, shopping and tourist services.
  • A modern transport interchange that offers accessible, comfortable, safe and easy to use transport services
  • Opportunities to strengthen Sydney’s economy and contribute to growth in the tourism market.

Circular Quay Precinct Renewal (CQPR) is in line with a broader NSW Government strategy to integrate land use and infrastructure planning to create more vibrant and liveable places.

With 64 million public and active transport trips to and from the area, Circular Quay is a critical transport interchange in the heart of Sydney. It is also one of Australia’s most visited destinations and a major contributor to Australia’s $47 billion tourist economy.

Project Overview

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has sought proposals from industry on how the Circular Quay precinct could become a more exciting place for locals and visitors through a process called Structured Market Engagement.

TfNSW will proceed in 2019 to Phase 2 of this market process, offering two urban renewal and infrastructure consortia the opportunity to progress and refine their ideas in a competitive process.
This phase of the process is expected be finalised in the 2019/20 financial year.

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