M5 Motorway Westbound Traffic Upgrade


Project overview

The NSW Government is planning to ease congestion and improve safety on the M5 Motorway for motorists travelling westbound between Moorebank Avenue and Hume Highway.

Latest news

April 2024 - Submissions Report

Read the Submissions Report (PDF, 658.24 KB) which summarises feedback received during the public display of the Review of Environmental Factors and our responses.

May 2023 - Continuing excavation work

Continuing excavation work on the M5 Westbound upgrade between Moorebank Avenue and Hume Highway from Monday 5 June.

Read the latest community update (PDF, 383.46 KB) to find out about the project.

Sep 2022 – Community update

Transport for NSW is progressing with plans to improve the M5 Motorway for motorists travelling westbound.

Read the latest community update (PDF, 6.6Mb) to find out about the project.

Aug 2022 – Early plans to ease congestion

We have now developed a Review of Environmental Factors (PDF, 16.3Mb) to assess the potential environmental impacts of the proposal. Feedback from the community and stakeholders will be considered in the detailed design.

Project information


Motorists travelling westbound on the M5 Motorway through Moorebank currently experience traffic congestion in the afternoon peak. This is caused by traffic entering the motorway westbound at Moorebank Avenue, and merging with traffic already on the motorway that is looking to exit at Hume Highway. Increasing heavy vehicles travelling from the Moorebank Intermodal Park will also add to the congestion.


  • Provide a reliable road network to support economic and residential growth in western Sydney
  • Reduce congestion by removing the traffic weave
  • Improve safety and access to the Liverpool CBD
  • Provide pedestrian and cyclist connection across the Georges River.
  • Provide efficient, reliable travel between the Moorebank Intermodal Park and the state road network
  • Support the M5 Motorway as the key gateway for south‑west Sydney
  • Improve traffic flow across Georges River.

Recommended design

Transport for NSW has identified a design to upgrade the M5 Motorway westbound in this area to reduce congestion and improve the surrounding road network efficiency. The recommended design would include the following:

  • A new two lane bridge over Georges River and the T2, T3 and T5 railway lines, connecting the M5 Motorway and Moorebank Avenue to the Hume Highway
  • A new underpass at Moorebank Avenue for traffic exiting the M5 Motorway at Hume Highway
  • A new shared exit with Moorebank Avenue for traffic wishing to exit the M5 Motorway at Hume Highway
  • Closing the existing exit from the M5 Motorway to Hume Highway between Moorebank Avenue and Hume Highway.

What is happening now?

The contract for the review of environmental factors has been awarded and design work is now under way. The review of environmental factors was displayed from 29 August 2022 to 29 September 2022. Submissions are now closed.

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Review of environmental factors

  • Appendix G
    Preliminary Site Investigation and Landfill Gas Assessment.
  • Appendix I
    Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Heritage.


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