Mariyung Maintenance Facility


Project overview

We are delivering a new, state-of-the-art fleet of intercity trains called the Mariyung, that will provide a new level of comfort and convenience for the thousands of customers who travel between Sydney and the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains and the South Coast.

To service and maintain the new fleet, a purpose-built train maintenance facility has been built at Kangy Angy on the NSW Central Coast.

Project status

Major construction of the maintenance facility at Kangy Angy, which will service and maintain the Mariyung fleet, is complete.  

The facility includes offices, amenities, staff parking and ancillary buildings, as well as flood-free access for local residents via a bridge that connects Enterprise Drive to Orchard Road.

In October 2020, the first Mariyung train travelled from Sydney to the maintenance facility site.

The maintenance facility is operated by UGL Rail, part of the RailConnect consortium  responsible for maintaining the new trains.

Internal site work

From December 2022 for around 12 months, UGL will undertake construction work within the facility site to enhance efficiency and capacity of their operations.

All work will be completed within the existing site facility – there is no change to the site size or the ongoing train maintenance activities that are being undertaken.

For more information, please see our Mariyung Maintenance Facility - Community notification - December 2022 (PDF, 475.95 KB)

Emergency flood evacuation

If required during a heavy rain event, residents can call UGL site personnel on 0428 165 203 for a site escort.

Contact us

Transport for NSW and UGL will continue to work closely with the local community.  

Residents can contact UGL by calling 0428 165 203 or emailing

Information about the Mariyung project can be found at or by calling 1800 684 490 or emailing

For information regarding employment opportunities at the maintenance facility, please visit

Project news

See more community notifications

Installation of the wheel lathe

The video below captured the installation process of a new 50 tonne wheel lathe, which services the wheels of the new Mariyung trains.

Determination Report and Combined Submissions Report

During 2016, the Review of Environmental Factors, Species Impact Statement and the Environment Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act 1999 preliminary documentation were placed on public display and feedback from the community was invited. In 2017, the Additional Species Impact Statement was publicly exhibited and feedback was received. 

The feedback received was considered as part of the planning approval process and has been responded to in a Determination Report (PDF, 6.02 MB) and Combined Submissions Report (PDF, 13.14 MB).

Planning documents

Project strategies

Biodiversity Offset Strategy and Operational Groundwater Management Plan

All biodiversity offsets payments for the project are now complete, and no further biodiversity offsets are required.

Transport for NSW secured its biodiversity offset requirements for the Mariyung Maintenance Facility project through:

  • the retirement of biodiversity credits sourced from the Lake Macquarie and Hunter regions
  • a financial contribution to the Mahony’s Toadlet Saving our Species Conservation Program
  • a financial contribution to the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Fund.

In accordance with the planning approval conditions, a Biodiversity Offset Strategy and an Operational Groundwater Management Plan were prepared for the project.

The Operational Groundwater Management Plan was prepared in consultation with the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

A revised Biodiversity Offset Strategy was also prepared in consultation with the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

(The Biodiversity Offset Strategy and Operational Groundwater Management Plan are not WCAG 2.0 compliant. If you are having trouble accessing information in the document, please contact or 1800 684 490).

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Call: 1800 684 490
For urgent enquires or complaints regarding construction activities, please call 24 hours: 1800 775 465

UGL can be contacted by calling 0428 165 203 or emailing