Mariyung Fleet


Project overview

We are delivering a new, state-of-the-art fleet of intercity trains, called the Mariyung, that will provide a new level of comfort and convenience for the thousands of customers who travel between Sydney and the Central Coast and Newcastle, the Blue Mountains, and the South Coast.

Key benefits

Improved accessibility, enhanced safety, improved comfort and modern features including:

  • wider, more spacious two-by-two seating for extra room and comfort with arm rests, tray tables, and high seat backs
  • charging ports for mobile devices, and dedicated spaces for luggage, prams and bicycles
  • improved accessibility including dedicated space for wheelchairs and accessible toilets
  • improved customer information through digital information screens and announcements, CCTV and help points, and modern heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The 55-train fleet with 554 new carriages will offer improved safety, accessibility, comfort and modern features for customers who make almost 45 million journeys a year on the electrified intercity network.

Take a tour of the new train here:

National rail safety regulator grants safety accreditation

On 29 July 2021, NSW Trainlink received accreditation from the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) to operate the Mariyung into customer service (ONRSR is the national regulator that administers the Rail Safety National Law. It is responsible for the regulatory oversight of rail safety in every Australian state and territory).

Achieving accreditation means the operating model and systems for the Mariyung fleet have been assessed as safe.

This significant milestone brings the Mariyung one step closer to providing intercity customers a new generation service that is safe, accessible, comfortable and reliable.

Name of the new fleet

In April 2021, it was announced that the New Intercity Fleet is being named “Mariyung”, the Darug word for Emu, in acknowledgement of local Aboriginal culture.

The Mariyung fleet will run through many Aboriginal Countries such as Darug country, as well as at final destinations in Wiradjuri Country in the west at Lithgow;  Awabakal Country to the north at Newcastle and Dharawal Country to the south at Kiama.

The artwork for the train’s exterior has been designed by Darug woman, Leanne Mulgo Watson.

For more information on the name and the artwork, see the video below.

Project update

Testing of the new fleet is in its final intensive stages.

There is still some work to be completed before the train enters passenger service. This includes familiarising staff with the new train through education and training exercises, finalising consultation with stakeholders, and other operational readiness activities.

A date for the train to enter service on the Central Coast and Newcastle Line will be determined once these activities have been completed, which is expected to be in the next couple of months.

A timeline for when the trains will start operating on the Blue Mountains and South Coast lines will be determined after more trains are delivered and further testing completed.

Customer engagement and train design

The process for designing the interior of the new fleet has included a range of detailed engagement activities with customers over the last few years.

A number of customer groups provided feedback on the train designs, including vision, mobility, hearing and cognitive impaired groups, aged customers and those travelling with children, luggage and bicycles.

In 2018 a life-size model of the new train, built to replicate the train during the detailed design phase, allowed staff and customers to gain a first-hand experience of the new train. The model was used to conduct end-user stakeholder engagement to inform and refine the design of the new train.

For more information view the customer engagement and train design (PDF, 980.35 KB) or the video here


The new fleet has been designed to comply with the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport. In October 2020, members from the Accessible Transport Advisory Committee (ATAC) participated in a final train design verification activity at Central Station. As part of the session, representatives from various ATAC member organisations had the opportunity to view the train and understand how their feedback during the design phase has been incorporated into the final design.

 More details can be seen here.

Train arrival and testing

To see the journey from the arrival of the first two new trains to completing their first stages of testing, including travelling on the network under their own power, see the train arrival and testing video below.

Following the first test run to Katoomba Station on the Blue Mountains Line in 2020, a Mariyung train travelled from Sydney to Lithgow, marking the first time a new electric train has travelled to the station since the last of the V-Sets was introduced 30 years ago.

The Mariyung trains will replace the aged V-Set trains - some of the oldest trains running on the electrified network in NSW. Take a look at some of the improvements on board here:

See the features of the new trains

The fly-through animation below provides a first-look inside the new Mariyung trains, showing key customer features including spacious two-by-two seating, charging ports for mobile devices, improved accessibility, and improved customer information.

Did you know our new double-decker trains will carry around 130,000 customers each day during peak periods, and are the first intercity train to be introduced in 49 years? For more details on these new state-of-the-art-trains, please see our New Intercity Fleet fact sheet - August 2020 (PDF, 3.2 MB)

The animation is representative of the detailed design of the new train.


Independent Review of the Mariyung Fleet Operating Model

Transport for NSW commissioned an Independent Review of NSW TrainLink’s proposed method of operating the Mariyung. The independent review was commissioned to determine whether the proposed operating model is safe, how the model compares to current train fleet operating conditions for the guard and how this model compares with methods being used by other train operators internationally. The review found the new model is safer than the current train fleet operating conditions for guards.

For more information view the Independent Review of the New Intercity Fleet Operating Model - December 2019 (PDF, 1.2 MB)

In 2020, a follow up review was conducted to assess progress against the findings and recommendations made in the 2019 report. This review found that sufficient progress has been made on the recommendations, with satisfactory results from the trials undertaken of the train’s safety features including door safety systems and CCTV. This review continues to report that the new operating model is safe, safer than the current train fleet operating conditions for guards and safer than the methods used by the international train operating community.

For more information view the Independent Review of the New Intercity Fleet Operating Model – September 2020. (PDF, 1.29 MB)

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