Milsons Point Wharf expansion


Project overview

The NSW Government has expanded Milsons Point Wharf to increase capacity and improve service levels for ferry customers. This additional upgrade has increased the capacity of Milsons Point Wharf, providing a second platform to enable two ferries to berth at the same time. Work to expand the wharf was completed on Sunday 26 November 2017.

Project information


The wharf expansion is part of the major progressive upgrade of ferry wharves across Sydney Harbour which aims to improve Sydney’s ferry services for customers, delivering accessible, safe, comfortable public transport infrastructure with capacity for extra ferry services. New and upgraded wharves and interchanges are being delivered as part of the NSW Government’s Transport Access Program.

The new Milsons Point Wharf

The proposed design increases the capacity of Milsons Point wharf by enabling two ferries to berth at the same time, meaning more frequent, reliable services for ferry customers and improved boarding and disembarking time during peak periods.

The proposed design provides two berthing faces by retaining the existing wharf and duplicating the gangway and hydraulic platform. To provide efficient access for customers, the existing waiting area has been expanded to create one waiting area between the two platforms. The existing roof was shifted to the centre of the expanded waiting area.

The expanded wharf provides:

  • Capacity for additional ferry services
  • Protection from the wind, rain and sun
  • Seating and waiting areas
  • Quick and efficient ferry boarding and disembarking
  • Improved access for mobility impaired customers and customers with prams
  • Improved pedestrian access
  • Upgraded interchange infrastructure
  • Effective way finding signage and lighting.

Key features of the new wharf:

  • Dual berthing
    • Two hydraulic boarding platforms
    • Two covered gangways.
  • Access between waiting area and foreshore
    • Existing ramp leading to Luna Park
    • New access ramp leading to Alfred Street from the wharf
    • New stairs providing access to the forecourt from the wharf.

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