New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility


Project overview

The NSW Government is delivering a New Intercity Fleet to replace the trains carrying customers from Sydney to the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains and the South Coast.

To service and maintain the new fleet, a purpose-built train maintenance facility has been built at Kangy Angy on the NSW Central Coast.

The detailed design and construction of the new facility was delivered by John Holland on behalf of Transport for NSW.

Project status

Major construction of the new maintenance facility at Kangy Angy, which will service and maintain the New Intercity Fleet, is now complete.  

The facility includes offices, amenities, staff parking and ancillary buildings as well as flood free access for local residents via a new bridge that connects Enterprise Drive to Orchard Road.

In October 2020, the first New Intercity Fleet train travelled from Sydney to the new maintenance facility site.

Maintenance facility operations

The maintenance facility is operated by UGL Rail, part of the RailConnect consortium which is responsible for maintaining the new trains. John Holland, the contractor responsible for the design and construction of the maintenance facility on behalf of Transport for NSW, have now completed their work and no longer manage the day-to-day operations of the site.

Minor work will continue over the coming months, including construction of a drivers amenities building near the train wash building.

This work will take place during standard construction hours. In the event that work cannot be carried out during standard construction hours, residents will be notified in advance.

Start of operations

Before the site is fully operational, finishing work in some areas, such as the wheel lathe and train wash buildings, is required. Like many projects, we are reliant on key equipment and specialist workers from interstate and overseas, and as a result have experienced delays due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We will keep the local community informed as the site moves towards operating 24 hours a day towards the end of this year.

Emergency flood evacuation

UGL will now manage emergency flood access if required during a heavy rain event. Residents can call the UGL site security personnel on 0428 165 203 if a site escort is required.

For the latest project update and information about upcoming activity on site, please see our maintenance facility operations (PDF, 155.74 KB)and project completion notification (PDF, 111.27 KB).

Contact us

Transport for NSW and UGL will continue to work closely with the local community during the remainder of the work and as activities increase on the site.

Residents can contact UGL by calling 0428 165 203 or emailing  

Residents can continue to access project information at and call 1800 684 490 or email for other enquiries.

For more information regarding employment opportunities at the maintenance facility, please visit

Project news

Please see the community notifications below for important completed project updates.

Installation of the wheel lathe

The New Intercity Fleet Maintenance Facility has reached another major milestone with the onsite installation of a new 50 tonne wheel lathe, which will service the wheels of the new trains.

Please see video below capturing the installation process.

Determination Report and Combined Submissions Report

During 2016, the Review of Environmental Factors, Species Impact Statement and the Environment Protection Biodiversity and Conservation Act 1999 preliminary documentation were placed on public display and feedback from the community was invited. In 2017, the Additional Species Impact Statement was publicly exhibited and feedback was received. Transport for NSW would like to thank the community for their submissions.

The feedback received was considered as part of the planning approval process and has been responded to in a Determination Report (PDF, 6.02 MB) and Combined Submissions Report (PDF, 13.14 MB).

Planning documents

Project strategies

Biodiversity Offset Strategy and Groundwater and Dewatering Management Plan

In accordance with the planning approval conditions, a Biodiversity Offset Strategy and a Groundwater and Dewatering Management Plan has been prepared for the project.

The Biodiversity Offset Strategy was prepared in consultation with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and the Federal Department of the Environment and Energy. Tables 3.5 and 6.1 in the Strategy were revised after the Strategy was finalised. These revised tables are included in the clarification memo included at the end of the Strategy document.

The Groundwater and Dewatering Management Plan has been prepared in consultation with the Federal Department of the Environment and Energy.

(The Biodiversity Offset Strategy document is not WCAG 2.0 compliant. If you are having trouble accessing information in the document, please contact or 1800 684 490).

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Call 1800 684 490
For urgent enquires or complaints regarding construction activities, please call 24 hours 1800 775 465

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