Oxley Highway speed zone review


Project overview

Since 2011, six people have died and more than 57 injured on a 44 kilometre section of the Oxley Highway, west of Wauchope. These crashes devastate families and are damaging for tourism and local communities along the Oxley Highway. We all share a responsibility to ensure safer journeys for travellers on the Oxley Highway.

Project information


In response to the high crash rate a package of safety measures are being introduced on the 44 kilometre section of the Oxley Highway with the aim of reducing the number and severity of crashes. Motorcyclists are at greatest risk on this section of highway. They dominate the crash rates and all six deaths have been motorcyclists.

The safety package focuses on keeping cars on the road and riders on their bikes and creating a more forgiving environment for motorcyclists. Safety measures include:

  • reducing the speed limit from 100 km/h to 80 km/h. Lower speed limits increase the time for drivers and riders to react to dangerous situations and reduces the severity of an accident
  • increasing driver awareness with upgraded signs, new high visibility warning signs on winding corners, and improvements to the road surface
  • providing better safety barrier protection with improvements to guard rail and targeted motorcycle protection rail
  • educating riders and drivers so they can better assess risks and make smart decisions. The ‘Ride to Live’ motorcycle education campaign has been updated with tips for ways to cope with the challenges of riding this section of highway.

For more information on the safety package and the data that informed its development please see the: Frequently Asked Questions, Crash Data Map and Traffic and Speed Survey Data Map.

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