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The NSW Government is funding a new bus layover facility as part of the Bus Priority Infrastructure Program to improve the reliability and efficiency of bus services, while easing congestion for all road users.

Latest news

February 2024 – Community Engagement Report available

Transport would like to thank everyone who took the time to consider the project and provide feedback. Transport received feedback from 18 residents, local businesses and other stakeholders regarding the proposed bus layover facility at the corner of Railway Road and Burrows Avenue.

Please view or download the Community Engagement Report (PDF, 2.42 MB).

Project information


Sydenham requires a bus layover area to cater to the growing number of buses services in this area. Prior to picking up passengers, buses currently park along Burrows Avenue which creates congestion and safety issues for pedestrians and drivers.

Transport is proposing a bus layover area at the corner of Railway Road and Burrows Avenue. This would give drivers a place to park safely between services and improve bus travel times and service frequencies, increasing reliability for passengers.

Key features

The buses would enter from Railway Road and exit into Burrows Avenue at the proposed bus layover which would have:

  • six bus parking spaces
  • a dedicated drivers’ amenity block with a lunch room and toilets
  • a noise wall between residential properties and the layover facility
  • landscaping.


  • Bus layover with space for six buses and an amenities block for drivers, freeing up the streets and improving traffic flow
  • Improved bus on time running and reliability
  • New, separated and safer walkway for pedestrians and residents to get to Sydenham Station
  • Improved safety and connectivity for pedestrians, commuters and drivers
  • Reduced emissions from buses idling and circling between services.


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