Werrington Arterial Road


Project overview

Transport for NSW has built the Werrington Arterial Road as part of the Australian and NSW governments Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, which will deliver $3.6 billion in road infrastructure improvements over the next 10 years.


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Project information


  • Contractors: Burtons Contractors
  • Start date of major construction: March 2015
  • Completion date: 28 May 2017
  • Project value: $55 million
  • Funding: Australian and NSW governments.


Kent Road and Gipps Street, Claremont Meadows was upgraded to form the new Werrington Arterial Road. The Australian and NSW governments have provided $55 million to build this improved road infrastructure.

This upgrade will create a new link between the Great Western Highway and the M4 Motorway, increase capacity and improve travel times.


The key benefits of the project are:

  • Improved access to the M4 Motorway
  • Increased road capacity
  • Improved safety for motorists
  • More reliable travel times
  • Improved access and safety for pedestrians and cyclists through an off-road shared path.


The key features of the project include:

  • Widened Gipps Street and Kent Road to four lanes between the M4 Motorway and the Great Western Highway
  • New eastbound entry and westbound exit ramps with traffic lights for the M4 Motorway
  • Three intersection upgrades with traffic lights at Caddens Road/Kent Road, Fowler Street/Gipps Street and Sunflower Drive (north)/Gipps Street
  • A three metre wide off-road shared path for pedestrians and cyclists, including a new bridge over the M4 Motorway
  • Bicycle and pedestrian crossings at traffic lights
  • Six bus bays on both sides of Gipps Street and Kent Road
  • Posted vehicle speeds of 70km/h south of Caddens Road
  • New line marking on the Kent Road Bridge to create two northbound lanes and one southbound lane
  • Two metre wide shoulders
  • Noise wall on the western side of Gipps Street between Caddens Road and the Great Western Highway.

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Community information

Community updates

Project notifications

  • May 2017 project notification
    Completion of the Werrington Arterial Road project and opening of the new M4 motorway ramps, Claremont Meadows on Sunday 28 May 2017.
  • April 2017 project notification
    Night work and detour at the intersection of the Great Western Highway and Gipps Street, Claremont Meadows, from Sunday 30 April 2017.
  • March 2017 project notification
    Daytime closure of Fowler Street and Caddens Road intersections at Gipps Street, Claremont Meadows from Thursday, 16 March 2017.
  • May 2016 project notification
    Continued M4 Motorway night work and intersection closure at Sunflower Drive (north) and Gipps Street, Claremont Meadows from 15 May 2016.

Environmental information

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Review of Environmental Factors (REF)

  • REF Appendix A
    Consideration of clause 228(2) factors and matters of national environmental significance.

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