Restricted access heavy vehicles

Any single motor vehicle or combination with a combined load that exceeds the general access overall dimensions as defined in the Heavy Vehicle National Regulation is considered to be a Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV).

New requirements for Oversize and/or Overmass (OSOM) loads

Effective immediately, all OSOM loads that are required to be escorted, must have a signed NSW Load Declaration (PDF, 257.43 KB) in addition to a TMP. This will replace the existing declaration signed by operators. The NSW Load Declaration certifies the mass and dimensions of the loaded combination and indemnifies each Road Manager and the NSW Police.

Read more about OSOM.

There are heavy vehicle combinations and controlled access buses in NSW that do not exceed the overall length of combinations defined in the Regulation, but are restricted due to the road network or infrastructure access that can accommodate these vehicles. These include but are not limited to B-doubles, road trains and vehicle combinations operating at Higher Mass Limits.

Combinations (and their loads) which are over height, oversize and/or overmass are subject to special operating conditions. In some instances this may include the requirement to assess a route for suitability before the vehicle or combination is granted access to that part of the road network.

RAVs may travel on defined networks as detailed at maps and approved roads lists.

Operating RAVs in NSW

RAVs can operate on the NSW road network through a current Notice or a specific permit.


  • RAVs that exceed the dimensions for general access limits may be eligible to operate under a Notice applicable to that vehicle. Notices provide greater dimension/mass limits with additional conditions and route restrictions for RAVs
  • RAVs within specified dimension limits or mass limits stated in the applicable Notice may operate under that Notice and the driver must satisfy the Notice requirements.

Specific permits

  • RAVs with dimensions or mass over the limits stated in the relevant Notice may be eligible to obtain access to specified NSW roads through a specific permit. Permit applications for Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicles can be submitted to the NHVR. Specific permit applications are considered on a case by case basis and fees apply. You may also be required to complete an oversize and/or overmass Transport Management Plan.
  • Your specific permit, if granted, will include conditions specific to the operation of your RAV, which may include route/time restrictions and/or pilot and escort vehicle requirements.

Accessing the Sydney CBD

Road Rule 300-3 restricts travel for vehicles exceeding 12.5 metres from operating within the Sydney CBD during certain hours on certain roads from Monday to Friday (inclusive). Applications to exempt vehicles from these travel time restrictions will be considered.

Please provide the following information via email to to have an application for an exemption considered:

  • Operator name and address
  • Contact number
  • Vehicle type, registration number and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Vehicle width, height and length
  • Specific roads and days/times travel is requested
  • Reason for travel.

Please note that multiple vehicles may be listed as part of a single application.