Maintenance and construction work

Periodic maintenance and construction work ensures that we can deliver safe, reliable train services to our customers.

Because some work requires road closures, the use of noisy equipment or other impacts, we let our neighbours know of planned work well in advance.

We understand that maintenance and construction work will have an impact on you and your neighbours. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

From most types of work, we will distribute a 'notice of work' flyer directly to nearby residents one or two weeks in advance. For emergency works, we may be unable to distribute a notice before undertaking the work.

Plan your trip at to see if this upcoming work will affect how you travel.

Upcoming work

Duration of WorkUpcoming Work Details
February 2019 to December 2021Mount Victoria Area Remodelling Project (PDF, 223.38 KB)
- August to October update (PDF, 250.72 KB)
4 May to 1 December 2019Central Flying Junction maintenance (PDF, 209.63 KB)
10 June to 14 September 2019St Peters bridge maintenance (PDF, 177.96 KB)
From July 2019Rail Corridor Weed & Pest Management (PDF, 87.13 KB)
1 July 2019 to 26 June 2020Wondabyne Foreshore Protection (PDF, 326.1 KB)
1 July 2019 onwardsMaintenance inspections from July 2019 (PDF, 80.41 KB)
15 July 2019 to 20 January 2020St Marys Substation upgrade works (PDF, 274.17 KB)
August to October 2019Mount Victoria Area Remodelling Project (PDF, 251.24 KB)
7 August to 27 September 2019Forest Road Overbridge, Arncliffe improvement works (PDF, 203.45 KB)
2-13 September 2019Mount Victoria Area Remodelling Project (PDF, 463.23 KB)
3 September to 4 October 2019Bondi Junction to Erskineville track maintenance (PDF, 84.63 KB)
3 September to 4 October 2019City Circle to Redfern track maintenance (PDF, 81.82 KB)
3 September to 4 October 2019Redfern to North Sydney track maintenance (PDF, 81.2 KB)
15-21 September 2019Jannali Station maintenance (PDF, 169.02 KB)
15-21 September 2019Kirrawee Station maintenance (PDF, 169.03 KB)
15-21 September 2019Kograh Station maintenance (PDF, 169.1 KB)
16-20 September 2019Redfern to Hornsby track maintenance (PDF, 81.52 KB)
16-23 September 2019Gymea Station Carpark safety upgrade works (PDF, 183.44 KB)
16 September to 4 October 2019Allawah Station Carpark safety upgrade works (PDF, 198.55 KB)
20-22 September 2019Penrith Yard track maintenance (PDF, 80.15 KB)
21-22 September 2019Engadine Station Substation tree removal (PDF, 108.67 KB)
21-22 September 2019Pymble Station car park closure (PDF, 82.06 KB)
21-23 September 2019North Sydney to Gordon track maintenance (PDF, 82.13 KB)
22-28 September 2019Macquarie Fields Station maintenance (PDF, 169.03 KB)
22 September to 10 November 2019Sutherland Station improvement works (PDF, 79.5 KB)
23-27 September 2019Central to North Strathfield track maintenance (PDF, 81.14 KB)
28-30 September 2019Hornsby Maintenance Centre track maintenance (PDF, 80.23 KB)
28-30 September 2019Redfern to Turrella track maintenance (PDF, 80.69 KB)
28-30 September 2019Sydenham to Campsie track maintenance (PDF, 81.06 KB)
30 September to 4 October 2019Blacktown to St Marys track maintenance (PDF, 80.4 KB)
6-8 October 2019Homebush to Flemington track maintenance (PDF, 79.85 KB)
7-8 October 2019Strathfield to Flemington track maintenance (PDF, 80.15 KB)
7-25 October 2019Redfern Station improvement works (PDF, 200.67 KB)
8-11 October 2019Central to Revesby track maintenance (PDF, 80.66 KB)
8-11 October 2019 Wolli Creek to Hurstville track maintenance (PDF, 80.42 KB)
8 October to 1 November 2019Bondi Junction to Erskineville track maintenance (PDF, 81.08 KB)
8 October to 1 November 2019City Circle to Redfern track maintenance (PDF, 81.88 KB)
8 October to 1 November 2019Redfern to North Sydney track maintenance (PDF, 85.06 KB)
8 October 2019 to 13 March 2020Cabramatta Substation electrical upgrade works (PDF, 89.34 KB)
10-14 October 2019Strathfield track maintenance (PDF, 226.48 KB)
12-13 October 2019Petersham Station improvement works (PDF, 169.14 KB)
12-14 October 2019City Circle to Lidcombe track maintenance (PDF, 82.7 KB)
12-14 October 2019Redfern to Sydenham track maintenance (PDF, 80.27 KB)
12-14 October 2019Strathfield to North Strathfield track maintenance (PDF, 80.28 KB)
14-18 October 2019Redfern to Hurstville track maintenance (PDF, 80.56 KB)
19-21 October 2019Flemington to Clyde track maintenance (PDF, 80.65 KB)
19-21 October 2019 Lidcombe to Sefton track maintenance (PDF, 80.56 KB)
21-23 October 2019Epping to Hornsby track maintenance (PDF, 80.1 KB)
21-25 October 2019Auburn to Seven Hills track maintenance (PDF, 80.18 KB)
21-25 October 2019Clyde to Carlingford track maintenance (PDF, 80.15 KB)
2-3 November 2019Auburn to Lidcombe track maintenance (PDF, 79.98 KB)
16-17 November 2019Milsons Point Station improvement works (PDF, 79.71 KB)
18 October to 3 November 2019Alice Street Footbridge, Auburn improvement works (PDF, 286.74 KB)
18 November to 6 December 2019Liverpool improvement works (PDF, 206.17 KB)

Our work and the environment

Some noisy works take place overnight and on weekends. This is to ensure we can complete our work as quickly as possible and minimise disruptions for our customers.

We have a responsibility to remove trees that pose a threat to rail or electrical infrastructure, or obstruct access or sighting distances within the rail corridor. Where possible, we plant appropriate species, on site or nearby, to offset any trees removed.

If you have any concerns about our impact on the environment, or would like to report noise or other pollution, call the Sydney Trains & NSW TrainLink Environmental Feedback Line on 1300 656 999.

More information

Plan your trip at to see if this upcoming work will affect how you travel.

If you live near a railway line south of Macarthur, west of Wallerawang or north of Hamilton, maintenance work is carried out by the Australian Rail Track Corporation or John Holland Rail.