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Project overview

The NSW Government is upgrading Darling Point Wharf as part of the Transport Access Program.

Latest news

Nov 2022 - Project planning approval received

Following consideration of community and stakeholder feedback on the Darling Point Wharf Upgrade Review of Environmental Factors, the project has received planning approval. Read our November 2022 community update (PDF, 1.71Mb).

The submissions report (PDF, 4.83Mb) is now available. It summarises the feedback we received and our responses.

Construction is due to start in early 2023.

Project information

The new Darling Point Wharf

Transport for NSW is improving Sydney’s ferry services for customers. New and upgraded wharves are being delivered as part of the NSW Government’s Transport Access Program.

Customers with mobility needs are currently unable to access Darling Point Road from Darling Point Wharf unassisted. The upgrade would make the wharf accessible to people with mobility requirements, parents/carers with prams and customers with luggage.

The project includes a new uncovered hydraulic platform that would provide stable and safe access to the ferry during all wave conditions.

A covered gangway connects the platform to a covered waiting area with seating and glass weather protection for improved passenger comfort.

A new lift, pathway and upgraded stairs would provide an accessible route from street-level to the wharf.

The upgrade also includes:

  • An informal drop off zone with accessible kerb ramp connecting Darling Point Road to the path that leads to the lift entrance and stairs
  • new bicycle hoops
  • relocated Opal readers
  • upgraded lighting and security.

In designing the new wharves, a number of areas need to be considered such as accessibility, the environment, customer safety and amenity, future demand and ferry operations. These are outlined in the Design Considerations factsheet (PDF, 335Kb).

Next steps

We are finalising the detailed design of the upgrade and plan to start construction in early 2023. Construction will take up to eight months, weather permitting.

We will notify the community and customers before starting work.

Changes to the wharf design

During detailed design development and following community feedback, we have made some changes to the design.

A short summary is provided below, you can read more in the submissions report (PDF, 4.84Mb):

  • A new pathway in Darling Point Reserve over the Fig tree roots that meets accessibility standards and provides a level connection with the park gate
  • Removing the proposed stairs next to the lift in Darling Point Reserve and upgrading the existing steps instead
  • Relocating the entry of the waiting area to the end that is closer to the lift
  • Changing the kiss-and-ride zone to an informal drop-off zone and repositioning to the eastern side of the cul-de-sac
  • Progressing with a glass lift façade for customer safety and security
  • Lowering the lift height by approximately one metre to reduce visual impact of the lift
  • Providing more seating for customer comfort
  • Additional options for site shed locations within Darling Point Reserve and/or McKell Park to reduce the area needed in the cul-de-sac
  • Undertaking work to protect the existing sewer line in Darling Point Reserve, resulting in the removal of three trees
  • Upgrading the existing wharf power supply through McKell Park; trenching work will result in the removal of one tree

Trees will be replaced in consultation with Woollahra Council.  

Potential construction impacts

Construction of the proposal may take up to eight months to complete, weather and maritime conditions permitting. It is expected that temporary construction impacts would include:

  • wharf closure during construction
  • for safety reasons, reduced pedestrian access to the lower section of McKell Park (along the foreshore) and Darling Point Reserve (including the existing stairs)
  • installation of a temporary construction compound at the Darling Point Road cul-de-sac, Darling Point Reserve and/or McKell Park
  • some truck movements and traffic changes on Darling Point Road for land based work.

We do not anticipate any impacts to the McKell Park access point from Darling Point Road.

Due to design changes, some trees will now be impacted. These trees will be replaced in consultation with Woollahra Council.

We will also work closely with Woollahra Council to minimise impacts to McKell Park users and potential noise impacts for events held within the park.

We will notify the community and customers before starting work.

Closure of the wharf and alternative transport

Darling Point Wharf would be closed for up to eight months during construction.

During construction, customers would be able to catch the 328 Bondi Junction to Darling Point via Edgecliff (Loop) weekday bus service from Thornton Street, where they can then connect with city and other services at Edgecliff Station. The 328 bus service also connects to Double Bay Wharf, which is another alternative for customers during construction. There may be a period of overlap between the temporary closure of both Double Bay Wharf and Darling Point Wharf. Planning for construction is underway. Once more is understood about the construction program for both Darling Point and Double Bay wharves we will provide more information on potential alternative transport options.

On weekends, customers could catch the 324 or 325 bus services from Edgecliff Road or Edgecliff Station bus stand. Train services are also available seven days a week from Edgecliff Station.

Work hours and potential noise impacts

Our standard work hours would be between 7am and 6pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 1pm on Saturdays. Some of the work during these times would be noisy. No work is planned for Sundays or public holidays.

Some out of hours work including work at night or early in the morning may be required for safety reasons. We would notify impacted residents before carrying out any out of hours work.

Other wharf upgrades in the area

Wharf interchanges across Sydney are being upgraded to improve the transport experience for customers and the community, including at Double BayFind out more about wharf upgrades in your area.

Community information

Community involvement

We thank the community for their feedback which has helped to inform the design and development of the project. 

Initial consultation on the Darling Point Wharf upgrade concept design was carried out in May and July 2021. We received 97 submissions. Read the community consultation report (PDF, 2.29Mb) for more information.

In May 2022, the Review of Environmental Factors for the proposed upgrade was on display for comment. We received 35 submissions. Read the submissions report (PDF, 4.84Mb) for more information.

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