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Project overview

The Gateway to the South aims to ease congestion and improve journey reliability on Sydney’s key southern corridors. The Pinch Point Program aims to reduce traffic delays, manage congestion and improve travel times on Sydney's major roads, particularly during weekday peak periods. This program is now complete. In February 2015, the NSW Government committed $300 million to ease congestion on 32 of Sydney’s busiest road corridors over the next 10 years. View or download the media release. The NSW Government has committed over $825 million to fixing pinch points across Sydney’s road network. Our Pinch Point Programs aim to reduce traffic delays, manage congestion and improve travel times on Sydney's major roads, particularly during weekday peak periods. In June 2020 the Australian Government announced a $1 billion infrastructure stimulus package for Shovel Ready Projects across Australia that can support jobs immediately, in response to economic impacts from COVID19. The NSW Government has committed $30 million to reduce congestion around the Parramatta local government area by upgrading key intersections that access the Parramatta Central Business District. Roads and Maritime Services has an ambitious task ahead to deliver the single largest series of infrastructure investments in the state's history. Major project capital expenditure is expected to more than double to $16 billion over the next five years to transform the state's roads, freight and maritime network – we are calling this expanded program the 'Wave'. The NSW Government is acting to reduce congestion and delays on Sydney’s roads by installing new and extended clearways. The NSW Government released its roadmap to deliver the state’s future transport network, the Future Transport Strategy 2056, in 2018. The Bus Priority Infrastructure Program supports this vision by delivering infrastructure that make bus services faster and more reliable, such as bus lanes, bus priority at intersections or more efficient bus stop placement.

Congestion along A1 corridor at intersection of Princes Highway & Gray Street

Project information

In February 2015, the NSW Government committed $300 million to address critical pinch points along the A1, A3 and A6 routes south of the M5 Motorway which includes:

  • The Princes Highway
  • King Georges Road
  • Heathcote Road
  • The Grand Parade
  • Stacey Street
  • New Illawarra Road and
  • Alfords Point Road.

The Gateway to the South program focuses on short to medium term solutions to improve travel time and reliability for all road traffic including buses and freight.

Read our June 2020 report card for an update of the progress being made on this important program of work.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • reduce congestion
  • improve travel reliability
  • support population growth and labour accessibility to key employment centres
  • improve road safety
  • improve freight efficiency

Improvements to be made:

  • Electronic message signs - provide road users with real-time information on planned events and unplanned incidents. They are placed in key locations on the network where motorists can view the information and decide if they would like to choose an alternative route.
  • CCTV cameras - monitor and manage traffic and allow for better communication with road users by providing real time information on traffic flow and other unforeseen events on the road network.
  • Pinch point work - maximising capacity at key intersections which could include work such as lengthening or widening turn bays or implementing turn restrictions.
  • Funding will also be used for other development work including planning for future bus priority projects.

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