Heathcote Road upgrade at Moorebank


Project overview

Transport for NSW is investigating a proposal to upgrade a section of Heathcote Road, Moorebank between Junction Road and the M5 Motorway. Widening this 300m section would remove the bottleneck and improve safety and improve traffic flow.

Latest news

Feb 2022 – Community consultation report

Following feedback from community and stakeholders during the consultation period in late 2021, Transport for NSW compiled a community consultation report which has now been published and is available in the reports section below.

Oct 2021 – Strategic Design consultation closed

The consultation period for the Strategic Design has now closed.

We thank the community and stakeholders for their feedback during this time.

A community consultation report will be published which will summarise the comments or questions received for the project and our responses.

Project information


Heathcote Road is generally a four-lane carriageway between Newbridge Road at Moorebank and Infantry Parade at Holsworthy, with the exception of a 300m two lane carriageway between Junction Road and the M5 Motorway, Moorebank.

Transport for NSW has identified this section of Heathcote Road as a pinch point and has started early planning to widen to four lanes, removing the bottleneck to improve traffic flow and increase safety.


The primary objectives of this project are to:

  • Reduce congestion and improve road safety
  • Support and enhance use of public transport along the corridor
  • Improve movement between Holsworthy and Liverpool for all road users
  • Ensure a safe and efficient environment for all road users
  • Investigate opportunities to improve active transport along the corridor, while still maintaining traffic flow.

Heathcote Road corridor strategy

Transport for NSW is currently developing the Heathcote Road corridor strategy. The strategy will set out the NSW Government’s long-term plan for Heathcote Road in order to manage and guide improvements to safety, traffic efficiency and sustainability.

For more information on the Heathcote Road corridor strategy and other projects on Heathcote Road visit Heathcote Road corridor.

Project documents

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