Technology trials to minimise station congestion and improve on-time train operation

Our key focus is to minimise passenger congestion build-up in stations and improve the on-time operation of trains.

A crowded platform presents not only discomfort and risks to our passengers offloading from trains and those waiting to board, it also indirectly impacts on the duration of the train remaining stationary at the platform and the flow-on effect to the rest of the scheduled stops along the network.

Responsive Passenger Information (RPI) Project

The RPI Project is a collaboration with Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), Sydney Trains and the University of Technology Sydney, to understand passenger and station staff behaviour, with a long term vision to enable passengers to make informed decisions about their travel journey to avoid adding to the peak travel crowding.

The RPI Project will access Sydney Trains CCTV systems in accordance to Sydney Trains CCTV Code of Practice and operation in public domain. The Project will also utilise Dwell track technology and Sydney Trains Wi-Fi to support data aggregation at Town Hall Station starting 12 September , finishing on 30 November 2019. No Personal information will be used or stored.