Outer Sydney Orbital Stage 1 corridor investigation


Project overview

Transport for NSW consulted on a recommended corridor of land for the Outer Sydney Orbital for a possible future motorway and freight rail line. The consultation period finished on 1 June 2018.

Key benefits

A motorway and freight rail line corridor would:

  • Provide for a major transport link between the North West and South West Growth Areas, connecting with the planned Western Sydney Airport and future employment lands.
  • Support growing communities, businesses and the creation of new jobs in Western Sydney.  
  • Allow for freight to move efficiently and safely by rail.

Corridor update:

Community feedback has helped inform the following changes (Announced 22 June 2018): 

  • Continue with the previously gazetted 1951 corridor for the Bells Line of Road Castlereagh Connection.    

  • Relinquish the section of previously exhibited Bells Line of Road corridor from Castlereagh to Kurrajong Heights.   

  • Provide for a future tunnel of approximately 10 kilometres from north of Cobbitty Road, Cobbitty to south-east of Cawdor Road, Cawdor to minimise the impact of the Outer Sydney Orbital on communities at Cobbitty, Brownlow Hill, Grasmere and Ellis Lane.    

  • Relinquish the section of the Outer Sydney Orbital north of Richmond Road while continuing to work with the Department of Planning and Environment and local councils on future options, with a view of mitigating any further impact on homes.  

Following community and stakeholder engagement in 2018 and further technical investigations, the rail loop through the Dunheved Industrial area is now not required and has been removed from the corridor. As part of this investigation, freight rail connections have been refined to enable improved access between T1 Western Rail Line, the Outer Sydney Orbital Stage 1 Corridor and future Western Sydney Freight Line.

Landowners within the Dunheved industrial area have been notified of the changes to the corridor alignment.

See map (PDF, 4.21 MB) of the revised corridor across the Dunheved and Werrington area.


Corridor profile

The NSW Government is planning for the long term transport needs of Western Sydney by identifying and protecting a corridor of land for future transport infrastructure.

The Outer Sydney Orbital corridor will provide for a connection between Box Hill in the north and the Hume Motorway near Menangle in the south.

In the future, there will be further investigations to connect the Illawarra and the Central Coast.

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