Building near the railway

Working in and around the rail corridor by non-rail organisations

If you are outside the rail industry and want to work in or near the rail corridor, the sections below describe how to get started and contact us so we can help you design, plan and carry out your work safely, and without affecting rail operations.

Getting started

Read, complete and submit the following documents to the Sydney Trains External Interface team:

An application fee will be advised to you by Sydney Trains and a single point of contact allocated to support you with your application.

Once the application fee is received a preliminary desktop review will be undertaken with advice confirming the steps to further progress.

Please also refer to the Transport Standards web page for information relating to all Transport and Sydney Trains standards, as per the Reference Documents page in the information and application package. In addition, you can refer to our Guide to working with Sydney Trains (PDF, 1.68 MB), which provides high level information on Sydney Trains' processes and requirements.

Please note that entering railway property or interfering with rail assets including gates and fences without permission is an offence.

Contact us

If you have any queries relating to Development Applications near Sydney Trains rail corridor and infrastructure, please email in the first instance.

Please send other queries related to working near rail corridor to the appropriate mailbox shown on the map of the External Interface Responsibility Zones (PDF, 833.51 KB).