Evaluation Tool for Public Space and Public Life


The Evaluation Tool for Public Space and Public Life can be used by anyone who wants to better understand the strengths and areas for improvement in a public space. The tool takes people through a series of questions to analyse public space quality. This information can be used to inform future planning, design and investment and to improve public spaces for everyone.

For more information, download our frequently asked questions. (PDF, 390.6 KB)

Watch the recording of our webinar exploring the Evaluation Tool with an international panel, bringing together world leaders from GehlProject for Public SpacesPlacemakingX and our Public Spaces team to discuss how to create vibrant, meaningful public spaces.

The Evaluation Tool is also available in Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese:

Evaluation Tool for Public Space and Public Life: Engagement Report

The Evaluation Tool was on public exhibition from 20 October to 17 November 2020.

We wanted to engage the community in the value of evaluating public space quality so they could provide feedback and help us improve the Evaluation Tool before finalisation.

During the public exhibition, we consulted members of the community, industry, state agencies and local governments to help make the Evaluation Tool as useful as possible. The Engagement Report summarises the feedback we received including comments and suggestions and provides summary of our response to this feedback.

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