Prequalification scheme


Where specified by Transport for NSW in the invitation of tenders, Contractors wishing to tender for road and bridge construction, paving, specialist works and the provision of intelligent transport systems (ITS) must be prequalified with Transport for NSW.

The purpose of the Prequalification Scheme is to classify Contractors commensurate with their technical and managerial expertise, financial capacity and previous performance. The scheme aims to facilitate, but not replace, tender assessment for individual projects and to afford protection to Transport for NSW and Contractors against over-commitment.

Contractors will be prequalified on a three yearly basis and must apply every three years to renew their prequalification.

Inviting Tenders

Contractors tendering for Transport for NSW work must comply with the NSW Government Codes of Practice and Tendering for the Construction Industry.

Tender advertisements will specify the minimum prequalification class(es) applicable to that tender. Only Contractors prequalified at the specified class(es) or higher at the date of closing of tenders will be eligible to tender. Notwithstanding this, tenderers must comply with the Conditions of Tendering for each tender issued by Transport for NSW.

Tender advertisements may also specify prequalification classes for specific work within the tender. This work must be undertaken by Contractors separately prequalified at that class or higher, or by a suitably prequalified Contractor as sub-contractor.

The Prequalification Scheme does not preclude Transport for NSW from adopting alternative forms of tendering (for example, open tender or pre-registration) on specific contracts.

Notwithstanding a tenderer's status, Transport for NSW will only enter into contracts where a financial assessment by Transport for NSW of the preferred tenderer has been carried out in the preceding six months and was found to be satisfactory. The financial assessment procedure used at the time of tender is similar to that used in the prequalification procedure.

Transport for NSW may, at its discretion, also consider the total workload commitment of a tenderer at the time of assessment of tender.

Prequalification Categories

Contractors can apply for prequalification in one or more categories as follows:

  • Roadworks
  • Bridgeworks
  • Concrete Paving (Machine Placed)
  • Asphalt Paving (Machine Placed)
  • Pretensioned Concrete
  • Steel Fabrication
  • Protective Treatment (Field)
  • Traffic Signals


National Prequalification System

TfNSW Contractor WHS Site Specific Plan Assessment (DOCX, 295.44 KB)

Assessment of a Contractor's Quality Management System (DOCX, 291.93 KB)

Contractor's Environmental Management System evaluation checklist (DOCX, 256.72 KB)

National Prequalification System Application Form (word document) (DOCX, 612.51 KB)

National Prequalification System Guidelines (PDF, 631.76 KB)

Mutual Recognition Form (word document) (DOCX, 246.54 KB)

Prequalification Scheme for Traffic Signal Contractors

Traffic Signal Application Form (word document) (DOCX, 248.76 KB)

Traffic Signal Guidelines (PDF, 440.42 KB)