Road classification

Road management between Transport for NSW and Councils in NSW provides for three categories of road: State, Regional and Local.

Refer to NSW Road Management Arrangements for more details.

Legal class

The Roads Act 1993 provides for roads to be classified as:

  • Freeways
  • Controlled Access Roads
  • Tollways
  • State Highways
  • Main Roads
  • Secondary Roads
  • Tourist Roads
  • Transitways
  • State Works.

The classification of a road empowers Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to exercise broad authority over some, or all, aspects of legally classified roads and to provide financial assistance to Councils.

Administrative class

To simplify administration of the various legal road classes, the roads in which TfNSW has an interest and Council roads are grouped into a three tier administrative classification system of State, Regional and Local Roads.

The schedule of roads classified under the Roads Act 1993 and of State and Regional Roads is available below.

Enquiries regarding the classification of individual roads can be directed to the relevant TfNSW Regional Office.

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