Henry Lawson Drive Upgrade Stage 1B


Project overview

The NSW Government is upgrading Henry Lawson Drive to reduce congestion and improve safety and connectivity.

The upgrade is being carried out in stages to minimise impact to road users and the surrounding community.

The Henry Lawson Drive Upgrade Program includes the Georges Hall Upgrade between Beale Street and Rabaul Road, Georges Hall, Stage 1A between Tower Road, Bankstown Aerodrome and Auld Avenue, Milperra, and Stage 1B between Auld Avenue and the M5 Motorway, Milperra.

Stage 1B would provide more capacity for vehicles travelling through Henry Lawson Drive between Milperra Road/ Newbridge Road and the M5 Motorway. It would improve efficiency along the corridor and safety for motorists and pedestrians.

Project information


Henry Lawson Drive Upgrade Stage 1B in Milperra spans approximately a 1.8 kilometre section of Henry Lawson Drive between Auld Avenue to the north and the approach to the M5 Motorway to the south. In June 2021 the NSW Government committed $22.5 million for the planning and design of the Henry Lawson Drive upgrade in Milperra between Auld Avenue and the M5 Motorway.

The upgrade consists of widening Henry Lawson Drive to four lanes, a road that would link Auld Avenue with Keys Parade, a road that would link Raleigh Road with Keys Parade, upgrades at intersections, and improved active transport connectivity along the corridor.


Next steps

We are completing the investigations for the early design features and environmental assessment for the project.

The community consultation closed on Friday 18 November 2022 on the early design features of the project. The community submissions will help us ensure we have considered public feedback in refining the design features and in carrying out the required environmental assessments for the project. All submissions will be reviewed and responded to in a consultation report.

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) will be prepared for this project after completing all required investigations. The REF will have all the impacts from the finalised design features and construction of the project and measures to prevent or reduce disruptions to the community.

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