Contracts awarded

State legislation requires NSW government agencies to make certain information accessible to the public.

State legislation requires NSW government agencies to make certain information accessible to the public.  
We upload all relevant contract details to the NSW eTendering website as per GIPA Act requirements.

Information made public

The eTendering website provides details of contracts over $150,000 between NSW Government agencies and private sector organisations. The information includes:

  • Value of the contract
  • Name and business address of contractor
  • Effective date of contract
  • Particulars of the project undertaken
  • Estimated amount payable to the contractor
  • Description of variation or renegotiation provisions in the contract
  • Method of tendering and assessment criteria
  • Description of operational or maintenance services

A contract valued over $5 million is known as a ‘class 3’ and the agency responsible must publish a copy of the contract. 

You can find copies of class 3 contracts below.

Please note that agencies are not required to publish confidential information in their contracts register. Examples include commercial-in-confidence provisions of a contract, details of an unsuccessful tender or any information for which there is an overriding public interest against disclosure. However, agencies are required to provide reasons why contractual details are not disclosed.

You can obtain further information from Manager, Information Access and Privacy on (02) 8202 3768. You may also email or write to:
The Manager GIPA
Transport for NSW
PO Box K659
Haymarket NSW 1240.

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Register of expired contracts

Transport for NSW has published a register of expired contracts entered into since 2007 which were not previously disclosed under the GIPA Act or predecessor legislation.  These contracts are available below.

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Roads and Maritime Services

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