Deputy Secretary’s message

Transport for NSW is in a period of immense transition and technological change. We are rapidly adapting our services and leveraging new technologies and data analytics to transition to transport of the future, and accelerate the benefits across our passenger transport and freight networks.

Part of this work includes accelerating progress on the most significant transformation in decades - with the emergence of electric, connected and automated vehicles - and upgrades to the road network system to support them. We’re running trials of driverless vehicles across NSW, and working towards net zero emissions by transitioning to zero-emissions electric buses, rolling out more charging points for electric vehicles and investigating greener sources of energy.

Customers will have more options to personalise their journeys, and to use real-time data to make informed decisions about when and how to travel. Customers will have a more connected and seamless end-to-end journey, with more options for how they plan, book and pay for travel. Freight productivity will benefit from a major uplift with more data, analytics and new vehicle technologies. And this will all be underpinned by intelligent systems that use rich real-time data from smart sensors.

We do this to serve our passengers and freight industry customers better, across Greater Sydney and regional and outer metropolitan NSW. As an organisation, our focus is across four transport outcomes: connecting our customers’ whole lives; creating successful places for communities; enabling economic activity; and developing thriving people doing meaningful work.

Successful partnerships are at the core of our vision. We want to build on our successful track record of partnerships with industry at all stages – in early stage pilots, proofs of concept and scaled-up service procurement. We are also investing in our teams’ workforce skills and capabilities and our technology innovation agenda offers exciting and fulfilling careers.

In 2016, we co-designed our first Technology Roadmap, now we’re refreshing our vision and expanding our ambitions. The Transport Technology Roadmap 2021–2024 is a major strategy and aligns with Future Transport 2056 and Transport’s 10 Year Blueprint and Strategy on a page 2020-24.

By leveraging each other’s strengths, we are reinforcing NSW as a global transport technology leader in creating world-class mobility solutions for the people and communities of NSW. We invite you to partner with us on this journey, to help us imagine and deliver innovative solutions and experiences that our customers will love.

Joost de Kock - Deputy Secretary, Customer Strategy and Technology