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We want to partner locally and globally with industry, communities, researchers and other jurisdictions to harness talent and bright ideas. Partnerships enable us all to benefit, by leveraging off each other to deliver the best outcomes and reinforce NSW as a global leader in transport technology.

We welcome start-ups, scale-ups, local businesses, multinationals, universities and other research organisations, investors and governments to join the transport technology roadmap to transform NSW. Those partnerships develop local industry, jobs and skills that stimulate NSW’s economic development and future growth.

Partnership Portal

Want to provide input on Transport’s Technology Roadmap 2021-2024, create partnerships that suit your interests and register for updates?

Transport Digital Accelerator

Want to know how we can create new connections between businesses, government agencies, researchers, entrepreneurs and start-ups to fast track better customer experiences?

Lighthouse and Innovation Projects

Want to create new projects and partnerships to showcase cutting-edge technologies?

Smart Innovation Centre

Want to know more about our collaborative development projects on emerging vehicles and transport modes?

Research Hub

Want to know more about how we develop research projects with universities, the wider research sector, industry and government agencies to develop new insights and solutions?

Open Data Hub

Want to know how we make transport data available for the development of apps and other solutions that our customers value? Or use that data yourself?

Support for business

Want to know more about NSW Government support for strong local businesses to stimulate innovation and economic growth across NSW?

Transport technology careers

Want interesting, challenging and rewarding work, in a respectful environment centred on career progression, development and flexibility?