Connected journeys

This technology and data analytics capability focuses on connecting customers for seamless journeys, by providing convenient and seamless information and payment systems to plan, book, pay, travel and give feedback across the widest range of services. Opal Connect will be the foundation of MaaS, as a convenient single payment account for travel on all modes across NSW.

We will expand information available online and through apps, for driving, public transport, newer on-demand services, point-to-point, taxi and rideshare services, commuter car parking, walking and cycling. This will help customers choose how and when they travel, in ways that suit their needs and local transport options. By connecting more services and building partnerships with more service providers, better connected journeys help build the platform for more personalised MaaS.

We will continue to improve customer information digital channels, including, Opal Travel app, Transport Bots, Open Data Platform and others, to deliver real-time public transport information, self-service options and a seamless experience. We will make our digital channels accessible to all, including customers with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Technology, and insights from mobility data, will transform mobility in regional NSW with real-time information and digital ticketing for all public transport services. Regional and rural customers will benefit from digital information, booking, ticketing and better digital connectivity at transport hubs and on board major rail services for accessing real-time service information.

We will also expand the Transport Connected Bus Program as part of Transport’s 16 Regional Cities Services Improvement Program for real-time location and capacity information for customers, bus operators and planners.

For freight customers, we will work closely with industry to investigate more efficient end-to-end multimodal freight connectivity and support economic activity by sharing real-time data for a holistic view of the supply chain.