Ministers’ message

NSW is globally recognised for its innovative use of transport technologies, which have improved the lives of people across the State. From COVID Safe travel notifications to our contactless public transport ticketing, we have been at the forefront of meeting the needs of passenger and freight customers, creating better communities, enhancing customer experience and unlocking economic opportunity. 

We have achieved this level of success by working closely with partners – an approach we will strengthen and expand. By working collaboratively with local and international businesses, technology providers, communities, research partners, councils and other jurisdictions, we all benefit by leveraging expertise and sharing success.

Our Transport Technology Roadmap 2021–2024 reveals a major uplift in the NSW Government’s ambition to strengthen our global leadership in transport innovation and to create new uses of technology and data analytics for the safe and efficient movement of passengers and freight. Significantly, this Roadmap’s foundations are built on the important lessons we have learnt since the release of our first Roadmap in 2016. It is pleasing to reflect on how far we have come since then and to contemplate the opportunity and benefits that lie ahead. 

By utilising these lessons and prioritising the advancement of transport in NSW, we are well positioned to undertake this uplift – which leverages internationally recognised capabilities and experience, rich and open data sets and intelligent systems using the latest analytics to better manage transport networks and services.

This Roadmap is part of our commitment to elevate technology solutions alongside the building of transport infrastructure and the delivering of services to improve customer experience.

It’s an exciting time for our passenger and freight customers in Greater Sydney and regional and outer metropolitan NSW as the technological improvements to our transport networks and our systems will enhance customer services and lift productivity to new levels. 

And it’s an exciting time for Transport for NSW and our partners as this Roadmap is delivered. We invite you to join in and help to create the best connected communities and freight networks in the world.