Intelligent sensors

The foundation of our technology toolkit is the use of real-time intelligent sensors – including cameras, telematics, Bluetooth, WiFi, and drones – supported by AI and machine learning. These sensors enable the digital transport system to detect real-time network conditions, deliver information automatically to decision support systems, and enable safer, more efficient network management and optimisation. Intelligent sensors supply rich real-time data insights for customer information channels to improve services.

Smart sensors will be deployed across road and rail networks for improved customer information, service performance and incident response.

We will trial drones for monitoring assets and to help manage unplanned disruptions. We will use sensors in partnership with the freight industry to understand environmental impacts and assess freight train noise. Transport will use CCTV and automated number-plate recognition to track freight movements at Port Botany, to optimise the use of network capacity and improve the efficient movement of cargo.

Regional customers will gain real-time information on bus services, and bus operators can plan and deliver improved services. Customers in Greater Sydney will have more information to decide on the best time to travel without crowding and help balance demand across the day. Freight and logistics providers will be able to analyse safety, performance, efficiency and productivity, including informing drivers of conditions and telematics to improve travel times.

For network and service managers, intelligent sensors deliver real-time operational insights to inform planning, operation and management. Data quality and reach will be improved to better inform service development outside metropolitan areas.

Expanded sensor data will also be supplied to the Digital Twin for visualisation of real-time information and to prepare for the transition to electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.

Together, these technology capabilities are helping to transform the daily travel experiences of our customers on our road, rail, public transport and freight networks across NSW and will be critical in supporting delivery of our six priority programs, outlined in section 6 below, in our roadmap to 2024.