Our Roadmap to 2024

In the next three years, we will see a transformation in the use of technology across NSW, particularly for regional and freight customers. We are working with all the capabilities in our technology toolkit to deliver an integrated portfolio of six priority programs that offer personalised, seamless, efficient and sustainable mobility.

By 2024, we will deliver six priority programs to transform the customer journey:

By 2024, we will deliver the following six world-leading priority programs that deliver a fully integrated approach and good value for customers across NSW:

  • MaaS will deliver seamless and personalised journeys across all modes to enable customer convenience and choice across NSW by bringing together a single Opal Connect payment account on all modes, together with more partnerships with on-demand and rideshare mobility service providers, and investigating expansion of frictionless payments across NSW.
  • NSW will be a world-leading adopter of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) to prepare the network and lead adoption of CAV vehicles in a service environment by trialling use of autonomous vehicles in a rideshare passenger service that integrate with our MaaS platform, testing integration between vehicles, data sensors and road infrastructure at the Future Mobility Test Centre in Cudal, and developing policies needed for mass adoption of CAVs.
  • Rapid transition to zero-emissions buses and electric vehicles will help NSW to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and will help NSW reach its emissions target and provide cleaner, more sustainable communities by transitioning NSW’s bus fleet to zero-emissions buses, encouraging industry to supply and consumers to purchase electric vehicles, expanding our electric vehicle charging network across NSW, and exploring the use of hydrogen technology.
  • Technology and data insights will transform mobility in regional NSW by providing real-time information and digital ticketing for all public transport services, deploying cutting edge technology to create smart regional cities, providing digital connectivity at transport hubs and on major services, and testing and deploying new mobility technologies in regional areas first.
  • More efficient freight through technology to deliver better efficiencies, safety and sustainability for freight operators and local communities to better connect regional communities and transform customers’ choices by progressing the capturing and sharing of data for a more holistic view of the supply chain across modes, trialling and scaling more automated and sustainable freight vehicles, and investigating a Freight Community System to follow the container supply chain to optimise the movement of goods across modes
  • Sensors and intelligent systems will create smart transport networks to support better customer information, service management and incident response, with improved predictive and planning capabilities by deploying smart sensors across the network and new data sources shared in Open Data to enable data modelling and artificial intelligence systems.

Beyond these priority programs, we are delivering a comprehensive portfolio of integrated programs for customers across NSW, in Greater Sydney metropolitan area, regional and outer metropolitan areas, and for freight customers. This demonstrates a commitment to transform mobility for all our major customer groups, using the full range of technology capabilities in our toolkit. See how our projects link to the six priority programs below.