Real-time Digital Twin

Real-time data from intelligent sensors is already aggregated and shared for use by customers, operators and network managers, via our Open Data Hub and the NSW Data Analytics Centre.

NSW is also developing a Digital Twin, with a digital 3D model of cities and communities that facilitates better planning, design and modelling for future needs. This spatial visualisation platform integrates information on property boundaries with transport, utilities, planning, natural resources, environmental and emergency management data. The platform can also integrate Transport’s digital engineering enabled assets that integrate data and live data feeds for transport assets, services, travel patterns and network performance.

Transport will build a digital twin and supply the NSW Spatial Digital Twin with more datasets, which are used by intelligent transport systems to improve planning, operations and delivery. It can also test and predict future scenarios, using 3D spatial representations that can also visualise past and future temporal changes, as well as asset data to inform decisions across the asset lifecycle.

The Transport Digital Twin will be able to visualise freight, roads and public transport mapped to infrastructure, and scenarios for improving customer experience and network efficiency. The Digital Twin also supports development of Smart Places by integrating transport data with other localised data, such as to support dynamic management of road and kerb space.