Emerging transport modes

NSW will be a world leading adopter of connected and automated vehicles, and transition rapidly to electric and zero-emissions vehicles to help reach net zero emissions by 2050.

We are leading Australia’s transition to zero-emissions buses and supporting the uptake of electric vehicles by co-funding electric vehicle charge points in metropolitan commuter car parks and in regional centres. We will explore using electric vehicles and emerging modes for urban deliveries, leading to customer, productivity and environmental benefits.

We are also trialling the use, and exploring further opportunities for the trial, of connected and automated vehicles in a ridesharing service, integrated with MaaS service information, bookings and frictionless payments. We will use the new Future Mobility Test Centre at Cudal to test integration of automated and connected vehicles with sensors and infrastructure. We will also work with other government jurisdictions in harmonising national laws, regulations and standards where applicable to ensure that the benefits of connected and automated vehicles are realised and to prepare for their mass adoption.

We will trial new forms of automated vehicles for last-mile freight and passenger services in urban and regional areas and investigate opportunities with both hydrogen fuel cell and more highly automated heavy vehicles.

We will expand real-time data sharing capabilities from connected vehicles and cooperative intelligent transport systems, which allow vehicles to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure, for processing data into better information and services for customers, fleet operators and network managers. The network and vehicles will be able to operate more safely and efficiently by sharing information on safety ,congestion and infrastructure, and – combined with the development of digital and physical assets – will support the creation of a road network that is ready for connected and automated vehicles.

Our Smart Innovation Centre will expand partnerships with industry and research groups to develop new technologies and their application through trials, challenges, simulations and digital assets that encourage innovation and build pathways to deployment in NSW.