Technology toolkit

We have analysed emerging and proven technologies to understand opportunities to integrate digital technology and data solutions into our network that best deliver for customers and communities. We have identified six key technology capabilities in our toolkit that work together to deliver integrated solutions across Greater Sydney, outer metropolitan and regional NSW, and for freight.

“Technology and data create exciting new possibilities for how mobility is delivered and experienced. Transport needs to be at the forefront of innovation to confidently navigate and shape this future.” 10 Year Blueprint

These technology capabilities work together to deliver personalised and connected journeys which, along with emerging modes like connected and automated vehicles, provide tangible benefits for customers’ mobility. The intelligent sensors that provide real-time data to the Digital Twin and intelligent systems work collectively to support the technology stack and make the customer benefits possible.

While utilising these capabilities, Transport is also prioritising the integrity of technology and associated data to ensure it is protected from cybersecurity attacks and complies with the required privacy and confidentiality requirements.

Increased dependence on cyber connectivity and infrastructure requires the strongest cybersecurity policies, risk management and assurance processes. Accordingly, Transport will continue to maintain strict compliance with privacy requirements to protect our customers’ personal and private information. We will continue to work closely with NSW’s Information and Privacy Commissioner and design strong privacy practices into our information systems’ development, decision making, business processes, products and services.

In delivering these integrated solutions, we recognise the diverse needs of our different customer groups in metropolitan, regional and outer metropolitan areas, and of freight customers.  We apply these common technology capabilities to develop and deliver solutions that are appropriate to different customer groups.

We will also integrate transport information into the NSW Life Events website to provide support related to key life changes, to help people to navigate government services more easily.