Our vision

As new technologies transform transport, we must innovate and update our transport services to maximise opportunities for all customers. To do this, we have an ambitious vision to expand and accelerate the use of technology and innovation across NSW.



To be a top-three global leader in the use of innovative and transformative technologies to enable convenient, personalised and sustainable transport and mobility solutions for our customers.


In order to realise our vision for NSW, we are putting the needs of our diverse customer groups at the centre of our innovations. We are analysing data and insights on customers’ different needs and preferences and using human-centred design to develop solutions that suit passenger and freight customers, people with disability and communities right across NSW. We are also personalising services and offering choices that are better tailored to different customer's needs.

As part of our vision, we are delivering world-leading Mobility as a Service (MaaS) choices and convenience by offering customers tailored information and travel alerts, payment options and a range of mobility options that are brought together seamlessly. Fully integrated information and ticketing will help customers to plan, book, pay and provide feedback on a channel of their choice.

This vision includes NSW being a leading adopter in the major transition to electric, connected and automated vehicles, by trialling new mobility services using cutting-edge vehicle technologies. We will test the integration of vehicles, sensors and road infrastructure readiness at our new regional testing facility, with newer mobility services and more MaaS information and payment options.

We will also transform the sustainability of the transport sector and drive a shift towards net zero emissions with our goal to transition all 8,000 buses in NSW to a zero-emissions fleet. We will also support electric passenger and freight vehicles, and explore hydrogen technologies, particularly for long haul freight.

Our use of smart sensors and intelligent systems powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning will result in rich real-time customer information, service management, dynamic prioritisation and incident management.

Likewise, our work on technology transformations will be supported by modernising our regulatory frameworks to enable effective implementation in line with strategic policy objectives.

Freight productivity, safety and sustainability will be supported with a major technology uplift that captures and integrates real-time data along the freight industry supply chain, and applies intelligent analytics for the benefit of the sector and network optimisation.

As part of delivering our vision in regional NSW we will also create new options for connecting regional communities and the effective movement of goods, with more real-time service information and digital ticketing options, better digital connectivity on major transport services and smart regional cities.

Our experience has shown that our vision can only be achieved by our continued investment in our peoples’ expertise and skills and by leveraging innovative best practice from successful partnerships. We welcome new partnerships with businesses at all scales, researchers and communities to help bring this ambitious vision to life.