More Trains, More Services


Project overview

Over the next 10 years this essential program will transform Sydney’s busiest train lines with more services through digital systems, infrastructure upgrades, and more new trains.

The next stage of More Trains, More Services will investigate upgrades to parts of the network with state-of-the-art technology to create high capacity, turn up and go services for many customers.  

Key benefits

  • More services that will reduce wait times and ease crowding for long distance customers.
  • Faster travel times for customers through digital train control technology and upgraded rail infrastructure, creating more opportunities for express trains.
  • Simplified rail network to improve reliability and reduce customer impacts from incidents.
  • Turn up and go services for many customers who will no longer need a timetable throughout most of the day.
  • Better connections and integration with other modes of transport.
  • Greater freight capacity through digital systems and upgraded track infrastructure.


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T4 Illawarra and T8 Airport lines

In response to recent growth in demand on the T4 Illawarra and T8 Airport lines the program will initially investigate:

  • More services for the T8 Airport Line, including a potential 80 per cent increase at the International, Domestic, Mascot and Green Square stations during the morning peak, meaning trains at least on average every four minutes instead of every six minutes today. 
  • A 30 per cent increase in peak services on the T4 Illawarra Line, with more services for South Coast customers.


What we have delivered

The first stage of the program focused on boosting capacity through extra services, better infrastructure and new train, with around 1500 extra weekly services, including more express trains for Western and South West Sydney. 

We have upgraded rail infrastructure to allow our complex network to operate at an even greater capacity, including better signalling systems, power supply upgrades and train station improvements.

The November 2017 timetable delivered a range of benefits for suburban customers, on the targeted T1 Western, T2 Inner West & Leppington, T3 Bankstown, T5 Cumberland and T8 Airport & South Lines.

Customer Outcomes- More Trains, More Services Stage 1, November 2017 Timetable (PDF, 4.98 MB)

Next Steps

We’re working closely with key stakeholders to investigate options to improve services for our customers. This is not a quick fix and requires substantial planning and analysis. We’ll continue to review customer feedback to make improvements where possible.

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Photo Gallery

The NSW government has ordered 24 new eight-car suburban trains which will begin rolling onto the tracks in late 2018.
A new fleet of intercity trains carrying customers from Sydney to the Central Coast, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains and the South Coast.
Freight is worth nearly $66 billion a year to the NSW economy or 12 per cent of Gross State Product.