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More Trains, More Services

Parramatta Station
Parramatta Station

Program overview

The NSW Government will invest more than $1.5 billion over the next three years on the More Trains, More Services program which will boost capacity through hundreds of extra services, better infrastructure and new trains for Sydney.

We need more trains and more services to meet the needs of our growing city. The latest load data shows that five of the 15 train lines are running over the average 135 per cent of seating capacity in the morning peak.

Over the next three years the More Trains, More Services program will deliver:

  • Hundreds of extra services across the network, starting with peak hour express services between Parramatta and Sydney CBD.
  • New trains added to the suburban network that will spend less time in maintenance and more time on the tracks.
  • Upgraded rail infrastructure allowing our ageing and complex network to operate at an even greater capacity, including better signalling systems, power supply upgrades and station improvements.

More Trains, More Services fact sheet December 2016 (pdf 1.1MB)

Extra express services for Western Sydney

The NSW Government will fast track the introduction of more express services between Parramatta and the CBD by late 2017 to reduce crowding on the existing network.

This is on top of billions of dollars the NSW Government is investing in a Metro network for Sydney including a new line from Parramatta to the CBD called Sydney Metro West, as well as Sydney Metro Northwest and Sydney Metro City and South West.

Spearheading the More Trains, More Services program will be an extra four express services between Parramatta and Sydney CBD in both the morning and afternoon peaks.

Western Line customers will be able to access up to 20 express trains per hour, or a service every three minutes between Parramatta and Sydney CBD during the busiest periods.

Sydney Growth Trains

The NSW Government has ordered 24 new eight-car trains based on the Waratah design, meaning more reliable and comfortable commuter services will begin rolling onto the tracks from late 2018.

Sydney Growth Trains is the centrepiece of the More Trains, More Services program and will provide rail customers with more frequent and more express services, delivered by more modern trains and enabled through infrastructure upgrades.

Key features of the new Sydney Growth Trains include:

  • Improved air-conditioning with advanced temperature control.
  • High definition customer information screens to provide journey and safety information.
  • Internal and external CCTV and customer help points.

More Trains, More Services for South Western Sydney

Customers in South Western Sydney will benefit from more train services to and from Sydney CBD as well as better access to key Western Sydney destinations like Parramatta and Blacktown.

We are simplifying train movements at Glenfield to increase capacity and provide much needed relief for our customers by late 2017.

Customers will have access to 10 express trains per hour in peak periods, connecting Campbelltown and Macarthur customers with Sydney CBD via the T2 Airport Line.

All T5 Cumberland Line and T2 South Line services will start and end at Leppington Station giving customers direct access to key Western Sydney destinations.

New late night and weekend services on the T5 Cumberland Line will be introduced to expand services that currently run on weekdays only.

It is vital we cater for this growth by providing services that better connect customers between North West Sydney, South Western Sydney and the Sydney CBD.

South Western Sydney fact sheet February 2017 (pdf 341KB)

Mortdale Maintenance Facility Project

To accommodate the new trains, the existing maintenance facility at Mortdale is being modified. 

Key features of the project include:

  • Track and overhead wiring work 
  • Installation of maintenance equipment inside the facility
  • Lighting and electrical upgrades.

In April, office and amenities buildings will be set up within the site adjacent to Hurstville Road. Construction work will commence in late April-May.

For more information about construction activities, see the Mortdale Maintenance Facility notification April 2017 (pdf 257KB).

For information about the Mortdale Maintenance Facility Project email 

Next steps

The full program of work is still being finalised. Transport for NSW will now work closely with key stakeholders over the coming months and keep the community up to date as the program progresses.

For more information about the program, email

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Last updated: 21 April 2017