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Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Volume 1 - Chapters

Volume 2 - Appendices

  • Appendix A

    Project synthesis and summary of environmental management measures.

  • Appendix B

    Secretary’s environmental assessment requirements and Commonwealth assessment requirements.

  • Appendix C

    Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 checklist.

  • Appendix D

    Consultation Process and Outcomes Report.

  • Appendix E part 1

    Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment Report.

  • Appendix E part 2

    Aboriginal Cultural Hertiage Assessment Report.

  • Appendix F

    Statement of Heritage Impact.

  • Appendix G

    Underwater Cultural Heritage Assessment Report.

  • Appendix H

    Marine Biodiversity Assessment Report.

  • Appendix I

    Biodiversity Development Assessment Report.

  • Appendix J

    Arboricultural Impact Assessment.

  • Appendix K

    Landside Traffic and Transport Assessment Report.

  • Appendix L

    Navigational Safety Assessment.

  • Appendix M

    Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment Report.

  • Appendix N

    Socioeconomic Impact Assessment Report.

  • Appendix O

    Surface Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Report.

  • Appendix P

    Underwater Noise Assessment.

  • Appendix Q

    Targeted Site Investigation.

  • Appendix Q1

    Preliminary Site Investigation – La Perouse.

  • Appendix Q2

    Preliminary Site Investigation – Kurnell.

  • Appendix R

    Groundwater Assessment Report.

  • Appendix S

    Surface Water Assessment Report.

  • Appendix T

    Coastal Processes Memorandum.

  • Appendix U

    Climate Change Assessment.

  • Appendix V

    Air Quality Assessment Report.

  • Appendix W

    Greenhouse Gas Calculations.

  • Appendix X

    Transport for NSW Environmental Record.

  • Appendix Y

    Transport for NSW Transport Environment and Sustainability Policy.

EIS Summary

EIS response to submissions

Project approval

Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water assessment (EPBC 2020/8825)

Project approval

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Management plans and strategies

Community Communcation Strategy (CCS)

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